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Mar 31, 2007
Comments Off on Step It Up to the Hollywood Sign

Step It Up to the Hollywood Sign

OrganicFoodee hosts a fun event against climate change

Organic Foodee

Step It Up 2007 at The Hollywood Sign


April 14, 2007 01:00PM to 03:00PM

Event Description:

  • Take a hike to the Hollywood Sign!


  • Hike up there through Bronson Canyon, from Canyon Drive in Hollywood.


  • Drive north up Bronson Avenue until it bcomes Canyon Drive.
  • Continue up Canyon Drive until it becomes Brush Canyon Trail.
  • At the end, the road enters the gates to the park which is at the bottom of Bronson Canyon.
  • Either park up here, or
  • keep driving on Brush Canyon Trail until you reach the car parks on the right or later on the left.
  • Now it???s time to take a hike up the dirt trail until we???re all under the Hollywood Sign.

Key Facts about Step It Up 2007:

  1. This is the largest day of action against global warming in the history of America.
  2. It???s a nationwide campaign, with 1100 actions in 50 states, ranging from a rally of thousands in New York City to a community of senior citizens in Ohio holding a global warming awareness day. Go to to find out more.
  3. We have one unified message:
  • For Congress to cut America???s carbon emissions 80% by 2050???
  • (less than 2% reduction per year, something easy for us to do!)

Ysanne Spevack, Editor of says:

???Let???s have fun while raising awareness about climate change??? And what could be more fun than a hike to the Hollywood Sign? We???re hoping readers and their friends will bring delicious organic goodies to share under the Sign, and that the whole hike will have a fun party vibe. The press will be watching, so let’s make sure there’s a whole bunch of people out having a good time and making their views about climate change known to the world.???


Mar 29, 2007
Comments Off on Scott Huckabay in Concert! A Benefit in Santa Monica

Scott Huckabay in Concert! A Benefit in Santa Monica

Friend, musician and fellow adventurer Scott Huckabay was in Hawaii giving his mother’s ashes a final parting. A hot water pipe broke in his place while he was gone and it basically destroyed everything.

Scott Huckabay Benefit

Like many folks who are musicians and artists whose crafts, skills, and talents bring joy to our lives, Scott was not insured.

Lyra writes:

Conditions were perfect for mold and it had about a month to do its thing throughout his home and its contents including several of his guitars, master tapes, and computer. Good news is that he is seeing this as an opportunity to ascend to an even higher plane, fresh.

I work at an eco-friendly lifestyle store in Santa Monica, which has done art shows and things in the past, and I thought, what better place to hold a benefit for him? There will be organic wine and other refreshments as well. Come and hear this amazing shamanic guitarist!

I look forward to seeing all of our Southern California friends! I’ll be putting out event invitations soon. Tell all your friends!! 🙂

Blessings and love,

  • Suggested donation: $10
  • 10% of in-store sales will go directly to Scott!
  • Fine art raffle!
  • Proceeds to Scott!

Sunday, April 1st, 7-9pm

message me for the phone number of the store.

I’ll be looking for volunteers to help out with the door, refreshments, and security (it’s a store with small items, after all) so all help would be appreciated!

Scott’s site, if you haven’t heard him

Mar 9, 2007
Comments Off on Blanket Drive and Homeless Outreach

Blanket Drive and Homeless Outreach

Poverty Matters

Blanket Drive for the Homeless

Poverty Matters is in the process of collecting blankets for the homeless. We deliver them directly to those living on the streets in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles.

If you can donate a blanket, please bring it to one of the donation centers listed below.


Los Angeles:

  • Westside Jewish Center
  • 5870 W. Olympic Blvd. (Between Fairfax and LaBrea)
  • Los Angeles
  • (Please ring the bell for entrance to the lobby area)
  • Drop off 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ring the front door bell for entrance
  • Bill Brady Classic Car Collection
  • 17514 Ventura Blvd. Encino 91316
  • Drop off 24 hours/day through Outer Gate.

South Bay:

  • The Comic Bug
  • 1015 Aviation Blvd.
  • Manhattan Beach (1 blk south of Manhattan Beach Blvd.)
  • Tues . Sun 10:00 am . 7:00 pm (closed Mon.)

And, join us Saturday March 10th for our next Homeless Outreach in the Skid Row Area of Los Angeles. Starting at 5 pm.

If you would like to join us on Saturday, please contact Poverty Matters.

Warm Regards,

Susie Shannon
Executive Director
Poverty Matters
(323) 939-5475

Mar 8, 2007
Comments Off on Legalizing Drugs to Fight Crime in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Legalizing Drugs to Fight Crime in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Drug Policy Alliance News

Legalized Drugs in Rio?

Governor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, calls for Legalizing Drugs to Fight Crime from Drug Trade

Rio???s Governor Joins Latin American Leaders in Call for International Dialog on the Harms of Drugs and Drug Prohibition

Contact: Tony Papa (646) 420-7290

Rio de Janeiro Governor Sergio Cabral on Friday called for legalizing drugs as a strategy to fight the ongoing drug-related gang violence that is devastating his state. He expressed hopes that this would reduce the violent crime caused primarily by drug prohibition. Rio de Janeiro has one of the highest murder rates in Latin America, due primarily to outbreaks of violence among different gangs, and between gangs and the police in the slums of Brazil???s favelas, where urban drug lords rule.

???The governor is merely saying out loud what so many more think but fear to say.. Rio today is like Chicago under Al Capone ??? times ten. Reforming drug prohibition won???t be as quick and easy as repealing alcohol Prohibition was, but there???s no hope for breaking the drug-crime nexus unless many more elected officials heed Governor Cabral???s call.???

Ethan Nadelmann:
executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance

Governor Cabral???s comments add to a growing list of Latin American leaders who are questioning drug prohibition and calling for new strategies, including legalization, to address the violence created by the illegality of drugs. Former Central and South American presidents, including Mexico???s Vicente Fox and Uruguay???s Jorge Batlle, among others, have called for an international dialog on how best to deal with the disastrous prohibitionist policies that are costly, futile and counter-productive.

Governor Sergio Cabral, who took office two months ago, promised that a priority of his administration would be to combat the crime stemming from these drug gangs. Several months ago, one of the governor???s first acts was to ask the federal government to send a special security force to Rio following the eruption of gang violence that caused civilian and police deaths.

Cabral questions current U.S. drug policy. When he asked, ???Is the United States correct in its conservative policy on drugs???? he responded, ???In my view???absolutely incorrect.???

Mar 6, 2007
Comments Off on America’s Drug War & Ninja Bachelor Party Screenings

America’s Drug War & Ninja Bachelor Party Screenings

You’re invited to a double feature of

“America’s Drug War”


“Ninja Bachelor Party”

At the DRUID film Festival in Los Angeles CA.


American Drug War flyer


Sacred Cow Productions

Anyone who knows me is very familiar with the fact that I’m a huge fan of the late great, prophet, comedian, social commentarian Bill Hicks. No one has come close to the kind of truth and brutal honesty that Bill Hicks laid out on a day to day basis. Bill was a uniquely hilarious and gifted individual. In fact, I feel that one of my jobs in life is to Spread the Word of Bill. In that mission, I have remained true.

The filmmaker of the above featured film America’s Drug War is Kevin Booth, Bill’s best friend from childhood, and one of his business partners up until Bill’s unlikely and untimely death in 1994 at the young age of 32 (he died of pancreatic cancer). In fact, we just had the 13th anniversary of his passing on February 26th. It should be a national holiday. It is for me, anyway. Celebrate Bill’s life accordingly.

In any case, I hope you can make it to the screenings. It should be a hoot, and it’ll be good to give Kevin all the support I’m sure he could use! Plus, half of all the proceeds will be donated to “The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wild Life” (I love THAT play on words!)

Many thanx,


P.S. Click on the flier above to go to a great interview with Kevin Booth on Ain’t It Cool News. It’s a really good read.

Feb 19, 2007
Comments Off on Worker Protest at Burning Man Headquarters

Worker Protest at Burning Man Headquarters

More trouble for the Burning Man org. Or just a minor irritation…. You decide:

Watch the video

Worker Protest at Burning Man HQ

It’s a little bit disturbing… I hate to say it, but the people that came out of the Burning Man offices to “counter” the protesters (who seem to be expressing legitimate concerns), those people come across as complete kooks. I wonder if they had been put up to the task by their higher-ups…

Have a look and share your thoughts here.





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