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Fire Performance Competition at BRC

A BRC Fire Performance Competition

“Fire Idol”

Fire by Trick Concepts has teamed up with Los Angeles Fire Effects to bring you “Fire Idol” – a Burning Man Event. A parody of the T.V. show “American Idol”, Fire Performers will compete for Fire Trophies by surviving their elimination round, only to come face-to-face with our three Fire Idol Judges in round two.

When: Thursday, August 30th, 2007 @ 10:30 pm – 12:30 am right after Oceans of Fire.

Where: The Shiva Vista Project Stage on the Playa at Burning Man.

To Enter: to sign up or for more information visit:

Space is limited, so sign up early!

A Note to Performers:

All participants are required to check in. At that time you will be assigned a performance group number, and be given fueling/safety instructions. Check-In will begin at 10:00pm. Participants who arrive at check-in after 10:30pm cannot be guaranteed a spot.

The first round will consist of 2 to 4 people performing for 1-1/2 minutes on stage simultaneously. One person from each round will advance to round two. Round two is the judging round where each performer will perform alone on stage for approximately 2 minutes, then come face-to-face with our Fire Idol Judges!!!!

Fuel (white gas only) will be provided by Fire Idol, unless you are fire breathing, in which case you will need to provide your own fuel.

Propane fueled fire trophies will be gifted to first, second and third place winners, and will resemble ???the man??? fire breathing, spinning poi, and spinning fans.

The Fire Idol Judges:

Fire Idol Judges

Our “Simon” ??? Vlad Marinkovic

Vlad is an engineer specializing in high temperature materials. He is an experienced fire breather, and an expert in slow motion poi. He is a Director at “Los Angeles Fire Effects”, a fire based theatrical production firm. Best known for his sharp tongue!

Our “Paula Abdul” ??? Anna Maltese

Anna balances being an animator and a student of Wushu / Kung Fu, with running ???Phoenix Projekt???, a Los Angeles based fire troupe. She is best known for her ability to blend martial arts and fire performance on stage. Her quick wit is by far her deadliest weapon!

Our “Randy Jackson” ??? Roger Lai

Roger is a poi spinner whose DVD has taught numerous spinners to do the behind-the-back waistwrap. He helped start Fire Drums and the Hookahdome spin jams. Don???t let his sense of humor fool you. He has high standards when it comes to fire performances!

Our MC for the Evening – Chirs ???Poon??? Ory from Dance, Dance, Immolation!

Let the mayhem begin!!!

Journey to the Flames: Screening & DVD Release July 28th

Attend a screening and DVD release party for

Journey to the Flames – 8 years of Burning Man

Journey to the Flames - 8 Years of Burning Man

Saturday July 28th at 7:30 pm

Fine Arts Theatre at Wilshire and La Cienega Blvds.

A full screening of the film, a panel including the director and cast. See the acclaimed documentary which chronicles the unique event including 8 years of art, music, people, volunteerism, philosophy and special moments of burning man.

The documentary chronicles a group of friends as they head off to one of the largest and mysterious social experiments in the world. Every year for one week 40,000 people meet in northern Nevada to create a city out of empty desert.

After that week, Black Rock City (or “the playa”) disappears without a trace including its zip code, newspaper(s), radio stations, and airport. The rules are simple: No commerce, bring what you need to survive, leave no trace, participants only, and no spectators. Take a journey into a world of art, music, sexuality and fire. Lots of fire…

LSD: Lovely Skull of Diamonds

Skull of Diamonds

Damien Hirst’s Diamond Skull – “For the Love of God”

Artist Damien Hirst’s platinum cast of a human skull, titled “For the Love of God”, is covered with 8,601 “ethically sourced” diamonds. Its estimated worth is said to be over $98 million.

I’ve heard that the this piece will be displayed on the Playa this year, but that it will have machine gun armed guards nearby and snipers at the fence line within scope-sight with night-vision goggles. They have been given orders to shoot to kill. So don’t be getting any big ideas! I’ve also heard that there are some moles working the inside, trying to find out if this directive has come from the higher-ups within the Org, or from an outside source… Stay tuned… Bring kevlar.

Live Wire Neon: El Wire Right in the Nick of Time

Live Wire Neon

In anticipation of The Green Man is proud to announce it’s…:

  • 7-color changing solar lights
  • 102 LED Solar strands
  • and 50 Led Solar tube lighting (Solar Rope Lights).

And don’t forget:

  • 2.3 and 3.2 Lytec El Wire!
  • Technostrobes
  • Technoflashes
  • five channel sequencers and custom lengths

Faux Fur Playa hat

Faux Fur Fun Garb

Order your Faux Fur clothing now! Orders may take up to 4 weeks to process since all Faux Fur products are custom made.

  • Fire and rechargeable light Poi, etc.
  • Playa goggles galore
  • Glow in the dark body paint, hair gel

Drivable Electric Ice Chest

Our new product — A 300 and 500 watt drivable electric ice chest that you ride on …

**** mention code TWAN for 10% off all coolers! ****

LA BURNERS: Call 818 521-8250 or 818 621-8747 if you want to shop live at our STORE !

Dates: August 1- August 24th at a location in LA, CA

We are giving free El Badges to all who order!

“Butterfly Eyes” Mutant Art Car Proposal

HELLO all YOU yummie BM Proactive Tribe family of delightful creativity beyond belief…

Summer is here…

Feel the heat a rising…

Are you feeling the burn a coming….

COME support the most beautiful ArT car that will debut at BM this year, check out all the art and info:


Playa Buttterfly

LETS all Support BM and our Tribe!!!!!!!!!!!

See you on the 1st,

Aloha with kisses,

Butterfly eyes flyer

Launching Sunday, YAH!!!!!!!!!

Burning Man Regional Event: Singularity Arts Festival

The 2nd Annual Southwestern Burning Man Regional Event: Singularity 2007

The 2nd annual Southwestern Burning Man regional event is underway as of today Thursday May 17, 2007. The arts and music festival runs through Sunday night May 20th.

Dark Skies Singularity 07 flyer

At last year’s Dark Skies Singularity event, 700 participants showed up for the four day Burning Man regional event. Being the L.A. Burning Man regional director at that time, I had the privilege of being one of the producers of the festival.  I had hooked up with Cameron Grant, the Las Vegas BM regional director and his team, and the rest is, as they say, history.

Though I’ve retired my role as the L.A. Burning Man regional head, I still provided support with the production of this event, though not at the same level as last year’s inaugural event. I can attest to the amazing hard work of all involved, in particular the Las Vegas crew. This festival is really their baby. It’s on their turf (Nevada). Everyone really puts their asses on the line. It’s a labor of love, and it shows.

It became a multi regional effort last year, as Cameron and I had been talking about “connecting the dots” in regards to pooling our resources as heads of our regions. Once our alliance was set, the Las Vegas crew picked up the ball and ran with it. I don’t mean to diminish the efforts of the L.A. contingent, without whose influence and committed efforts and immeasurable passion this event could not have become what it is!

Here are some shots from last year’s event: The Boogie Man doing what he does best! Just to entice you. I hope it helps!

BoogieMan @ Dark Skies 2006 BoogieMan @ Dark Skies 2006
BoogieMan @ Dark Skies 2006 BoogieMan @ Dark Skies 2006
BoogieMan @ Dark Skies 2006 BoogieMan @ Dark Skies 2006

This Burning Man regional event is exceptional in its diversity. Last year we had participants from Salt Lake City, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, NYC, Vancouver… and probably a few others.

It’s about a 3 hour drive to the Roach dry lake-bed from Los Angeles. A drive well worth taking, considering the amount of fun you’re going to have once you get here!

There are hotel accommodations nearby if camping isn’t on your agenda! Showers, rooms, casinos, restaurants… Brush up on your poker! Check the Primm Valley Resorts Website for accommodation information.

Dark Skies: Singularity Arts Festival - A Burning Man Regional Event

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