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Photos from the Playa: Pre-BRC Build 2006

Here are some photos from the build going on at the Playa for BRC 2006. Looks like they’re having lovely weather and some awesome sunsets.

Have a look at the photo gallery, pre-Playa 2006

Current Playa Conditions Report 2006

You asked about Playa conditions?

A friend of a friend is out on the playa now and this is his report on current Playa surface conditions (subject to change if it rains, etc.) but this is most recent, first hand from the gate crew:

There seems to be at least two different surfaces to the playa this year. One is pretty standard and that is located in the half of the city where most people will be. However out in the deep Playa past the Man is the potato chip stuff and it seems to have the potential to really dust up. However, the wind doesn’t come from that direction AS often. When it does, I think we’ll be in for some terrible white-outs.

Black Rock City gate crew

So there you have it. A tidbit of information. Plan accordingly. g00gles, anyone? Don’t forget your dust masks…. Those are two items that should always be packed away with all your other Playa goodies.

Reno to Playa Rideshare Project 2006

The Reno to Playa ride share rendezvous location is being hosted by Twin City Surplus at 1675 East 4th Street in Reno again this year.There will be a portable toilet, shade, some trash bins and all the stuff Twin City offers including water and camping / playa supplies, but no close-by grocery shopping. If you need to grocery shop then do so first, then make your way to Twin City. You can repackage for the playa there and use the trash bins to discard store packaging.

To get to Twin City Surplus, 1675 East 4th Street:

* From I80 take the Wells Avenue Exit and go south one block to 6th Street.
* Turn east on 6th and go about 6 blocks to where it joins 4th Street
* Look left and see large water tanks belonging to Twin. Turn in there.
* That is the rendezvous parking location.

Click here for directions

Please do not park in front of the store entrance as you will interfere with normal store traffic. Please don’t ask Twin employees about the ride share project or rider/driver status. They don’t know anything about that; they just provide the location.

If you’re unfamiliar with the ride share project:

It is an effort by the Reno Burning Man Community to help Burners who arrive in Reno without ground transportation get to the playa, and to give those who are driving to the playa a chance to give a ride and meet interesting people. If you’re driving please consider stopping by to give somebody a ride.

Send any questions to:

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