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May 31, 2007
Comments Off on Live Wire Neon: El Wire Right in the Nick of Time

Live Wire Neon: El Wire Right in the Nick of Time

Live Wire Neon

In anticipation of The Green Man is proud to announce it’s…:

  • 7-color changing solar lights
  • 102 LED Solar strands
  • and 50 Led Solar tube lighting (Solar Rope Lights).

And don’t forget:

  • 2.3 and 3.2 Lytec El Wire!
  • Technostrobes
  • Technoflashes
  • five channel sequencers and custom lengths

Faux Fur Playa hat

Faux Fur Fun Garb

Order your Faux Fur clothing now! Orders may take up to 4 weeks to process since all Faux Fur products are custom made.

  • Fire and rechargeable light Poi, etc.
  • Playa goggles galore
  • Glow in the dark body paint, hair gel

Drivable Electric Ice Chest

Our new product — A 300 and 500 watt drivable electric ice chest that you ride on …

**** mention code TWAN for 10% off all coolers! ****

LA BURNERS: Call 818 521-8250 or 818 621-8747 if you want to shop live at our STORE !

Dates: August 1- August 24th at a location in LA, CA

We are giving free El Badges to all who order!

Apr 7, 2007
Comments Off on Learn How to Produce Electronic Music

Learn How to Produce Electronic Music

sae logo

4.9.07 ::: START OF EMP
Electronic Music Production program at SAE!

Taught by Henry Strange and dj Origin (Ryan Kull) ??? STARTS APRIL 9TH

EMP (Electronic Music Production) Course is a 6 month program that happens every Monday and Wednesday night from 6 to 9pm.

The EMP Course will teach you everything you need to know to produce electronic music. The program covers a broad range of software and hardware such as Reason, Ableton Live, Logic, Native Instruments soft synths, Access Virus, and much more! The program also covers synthesis and sampling so you will learn to create all original sounds for your compositions. Taught by veteran dance music producer Dj Origin (Ryan Kull) and veteran electronic artist/film composer Henry Strange.

Sign up today, Call 323-466-6323 and come for a visit of our facilites!

Visit for costs and more information

Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

The program is split into 4 sections:

SECTION 1 – Electronic Music Fundamentals

  • – History of Electronic Music
  • – Defining Genres
  • – Audio Fundamentals
  • – Equipment & Software
  • – Music Theory
  • – Djing

SECTION 2 – Composing and Recording Electronic Music

  • – MIDI Fundamentals
  • – Sequencing in Reason
  • – Performing with Ableton Live
  • – Recording in Logic
  • – Basic Signal Processing
  • – Rhythm Programming

SECTION 3 – Synthesis and Sampling

  • – Generating custom sounds
  • – Understanding synthesizers
  • – Sampling Techniques
  • – Instrument Sampling
  • – Loop slicing and manipulation
  • – Customizing presets

SECTION 4 – Mixing, Mastering, The Business

  • – Advance Signal Processing
  • – Using compression
  • – Arranging
  • – Mixing and Mastering
  • – Marketing and Promotions
  • – Internet and Distribution
Mar 12, 2007
Comments Off on Jobless? Maybe not such a bad thing

Jobless? Maybe not such a bad thing

Blogger Steve Pavlina has some good insights regarding “unemployment”.

If only more of us could figure out how to make our unemployed status work (so to speak!)

Feb 19, 2007
Comments Off on Worker Protest at Burning Man Headquarters

Worker Protest at Burning Man Headquarters

More trouble for the Burning Man org. Or just a minor irritation…. You decide:

Watch the video

Worker Protest at Burning Man HQ

It’s a little bit disturbing… I hate to say it, but the people that came out of the Burning Man offices to “counter” the protesters (who seem to be expressing legitimate concerns), those people come across as complete kooks. I wonder if they had been put up to the task by their higher-ups…

Have a look and share your thoughts here.

Feb 10, 2007
Comments Off on Searching for Talent at Burning Man

Searching for Talent at Burning Man

Interesting article about the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Burning Man, and Black Rock City:

Talent Hunting in the Counter Culture

“Page and Brin are just two of the approximately 30,000 Burning Man devotees – burners, as they’re known – who gather every year to help build and enjoy the art-filled collective on an ancient, dried-out lake bed known as Black Rock City (which, for the week it exists, is the third most populous burg in the state)…”

CNN Money article excerpt




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