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Southwestern Burning Man Regional Event

Dark Skies / The Singularity Event

Dark Skies / Singularity Calling for Art


Art Curator Dale Youngman says:

Yes, it’s time for the art wrangling to begin!

Dark Skies / The Singularity Event is taking place near Primm, Nevada on Roach Lake May 17-20. This is the second annual South West Regional Burning Man event jointly organized by two regional teams in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This year is shaping up to be spectacular, but we need your participation for it to be all that it can be!

This year, in addition to mutant vehicles, art sculptures and large scale installations, we are also featuring a real gallery-style fine art and photography show inside an amazing structure called “Innermind”, by Gary Stadler. Some of you may remember the beautiful 85′ x 40′ conical structure from Burning Man a couple of years ago – it has a beacon of light that shoots out of the top, and is a very impressive art piece all on its own. This year it will function as the center camp, and will house white flats upon which we will hang artwork from both regions, as well as smaller sculptures and installations.

As our hanging space inside is somewhat limited, the space will be curated, and regrettably not every submission can be hung (but there is room for plenty!). We are asking for jpegs and sizes of all art submissions to be sent to

where they will be reviewed and coordinated by myself and other team members. (Since I also have a gallery I run downtown, I am always looking for new art anyway -so please send me your info!) Decisions regarding content will not be made until the first of May, when we know the actual sq. footage of interior space and see the quantity of art work submitted.

This year, in order to facilitate the many sculptural artists living here, we will have transportation for larger pieces leaving from L.A. We are hopeful that this will allow many more of you wonderful LA artists to be represented out on the near-playa . If requesting transport of large installations (or any artwork for that matter ), please include size, weight, and any special info necessary for us to assist you in your art’s appearance at the event. Let’s show Vegas what we can do!

Any questions, please write me:

I am daleydale, and I am here to serve !

Link to project online:

Singularity Tickets

Dale Youngman

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