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Do-Labs Respond to Lucent Delirium Venue Concerns

To all the attendees at Lucent Delirium,

We have heard the concerns raised about the Lucent Delirium venue, Club Soho, and fully recognize how valid they are. The Do LaB strives with each event to create an environment and experience of the highest caliber, that conveys our vision and inspires our community. In choosing a space we had never worked with before we took a risk, hoping to create something innovative with new surroundings.

Our own experience in working with Club Soho was frustrating from the moment production began. The space was still in the middle of reconstruction when we arrived onsite. We worked to transform the construction zone into a tribal wonderland in just a matter of hours, however, as doors opened it became apparent that our venue woes were not over. From over-aggressive security (who had been briefed in advance on the peaceful nature of the people in attendance), to the evident price gouging at the bar that was brought to our attention after the fact, the collective experience both of working with Club Soho, and discovering how our community was treated by their staff, has been dismaying. The venue offered no leeway in the choice of security or bar staff, and we agreed to these terms without knowing the degree to which we were being misled. This was not the vision for Lucent Delirium, nor for our community, and it is now clear to us how exceedingly important the control of such elements is for our future events.

Please know that we have listened to all the feedback we received, and have taken these concerns to heart. The Do LaB would not be able to create these amazing events, nor bring our community to celebrate together without all of you, and we will do our best to prevent these kinds of issues in the future.

We are grateful for all the support and patience you provide as we learn and evolve, and look forward to creating more magic with all of you!

The Do LaB


We have received requests for the contact information for Club Soho to direct messages with grievances regarding the venue and its staff. Soho management can be reached at

We’ve got a message for them too…

Do-Lab Fuck You Message

Events at the Mor Bar

Porter, Nick the Neck,
Saynt & Sammy Bliss:
The MorBar

Mor Bar

Finish it off right with Porter Tinsley, Saynt, Nick and Neck and Sammy Bliss.
Wind down your weekend on the westside of town. Hang with the family at the Mor Bar tonight!

Sunday 1/28/07
The Mor Bar
2941 Main St.
Santa Monica, CA 90405

(Next door to O’Briens pub)


KillaGrrl Needs Your Kind Assistance

Killagrrrl is a NY burner and a kissing bandit. It doesn’t matter what coast or what city you come from, the following is a call to action for citizens of Black Rock City:

Killa Grrl

Killagrrrl recently had an aneurysm while in San Francisco on New Year’s Day which has left her in a coma on life support. She apparently has a rare progressive disorder called moyamoya.

Killagrrrl has visited many burner communities recently: Austin, Toronto, Philly… but she is from New York and most of her family and core social support system is in New York.

We are very thankful for those who are looking after her for us in San Francisco, but we would like her family to be able to visit her as often as possible. They have decided to rotate a different family member every few weeks.

Several people in NYC are attempting to raise some funds to cover the family’s travel expenses. These attempts are being put in the works and will continue to unfold over the next few weeks, as it has become unfortunately clear that Killagrrrl’s recovery will be an ongoing process.

For now, we are calling out for goods to auction and we have a paypal link set up for $$ donations. We have a raffle, a dance marathon, and perhaps a movie festival in the works.

Please refer to for more info and photos.

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