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Artistic Vandalism Well-Received By Affected Artists

Creative Vandalism : Burning Man Art in the City

This might be old news to some, but it’s new news to me: Have a look at what an enterprising vandal (with big balls!) did to the large scale sculpture made by married artists Dan das Mann and Karen Cusolito.

Dan and Karen had constructed the large sculpture to be displayed at the Burning Man Festival in 2005, where it was very well received, as their excellent works of art always are.

Passage by Dan das Mann and Karen Cusolito

Through the efforts of the non-profit arm of Black Rock City, LLC (the corporation that produces Burning Man), The Black Rock Arts Foundation (BRAF), this work of art, known as “Passage”, has found a home within the city, which is one of the functions of BRAF:

The mission of the Black Rock Arts Foundation is to support and promote community-based interactive art. For our purposes, interactive art means art that generates social participation. The process whereby this art is created, the means by which it is displayed and the character of the work itself should inspire immediate actions that connect people to one another in a larger communal context.

BRAF Mission Statement

So, last year while the many thousands of Burning Man participants were out at Black Rock City enjoying themselves in whatever manner they saw fit, some folks stayed behind and welded some additions to Passage in the city. Here’s an image to give you a little idea of what went down:

Passage of the bong???

Please go to the San Francisco Metroblog, which is where I found this story, for more images and some very enlightening and hilarious commentary by the person who posted it, Violet Blue.

In particular, the comments are insightful as they are hilarious:

“Knowing Dan and Karen, who have a pretty good sense of humor, they would probably not be too upset about this, since it appears that there was no major damage done to the sculpture and the alterations can be easily removed.”

Scott Beale from Laughing Squid

“the bong has been stolen.

Violet Blue

“What’s a bong?”

James Barff

Artist Dan das Mann left a comment in very good spirits, as can be expected. The prank was a good one, in this prankster’s opinion…

“Thanks for the interesting addition to the sculpture. Karen and I found it humorous. We appreciate the careful fabrication work required to create and install mom’s pipe and are touched that someone felt so compelled to be a part of the sculpture making process in our absence. We could definitely use your fabrication skills on future projects. Give us a call and keep up the good work!”

Dan das Mann

No Large Scale Proactive Participation in the U.S.

In early April 2007, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Pakistan to show their opposition to radical fundamentalism and terrorism. And yet, not a peep about it in the U.S. Media.

April 2007 Rallies in Pakistan

It seems like this is good information and it lets the rest of the world see that there is the tiniest minority of ill-intentioned, misguided evil jackasses that want to cause major problems. The rest of us just want to live productive peaceful lives.

But if you were a megalomaniac who was desirous of attaining absolute control and who had a hidden agenda, and to achieve the objectives of that agenda required you to keep the fear levels in the population at a fevered pitch, while simultaneously keeping the masses ignorant and misinformed, this is the kind of information that you would NOT want to share with the masses. Control of the public mind becomes key.

Therefore, it is my duty to share with you this information.

Thanx to ‘ddp’ for posting it to his LoftBlog v2.0.

Says the culturally experienced, globe-trotting ddp:

Seems the citizens of Pakistan and Turkey are fed up with creeping Talibanization of their respective countries???

Sadly, there???s been little coverage of these massive rallies in the US media because it doesn???t further the radical right???s agenda to show that there???s even a moderate side to Islam.

Derrell Piper

If this topic interests you, please check his original posting for additional information.

Art Needed for Burning Man Regional Event Singularity / Dark Skies

Southwestern Burning Man Regional Event

Dark Skies / The Singularity Event

Dark Skies / Singularity Calling for Art


Art Curator Dale Youngman says:

Yes, it’s time for the art wrangling to begin!

Dark Skies / The Singularity Event is taking place near Primm, Nevada on Roach Lake May 17-20. This is the second annual South West Regional Burning Man event jointly organized by two regional teams in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. This year is shaping up to be spectacular, but we need your participation for it to be all that it can be!

This year, in addition to mutant vehicles, art sculptures and large scale installations, we are also featuring a real gallery-style fine art and photography show inside an amazing structure called “Innermind”, by Gary Stadler. Some of you may remember the beautiful 85′ x 40′ conical structure from Burning Man a couple of years ago – it has a beacon of light that shoots out of the top, and is a very impressive art piece all on its own. This year it will function as the center camp, and will house white flats upon which we will hang artwork from both regions, as well as smaller sculptures and installations.

As our hanging space inside is somewhat limited, the space will be curated, and regrettably not every submission can be hung (but there is room for plenty!). We are asking for jpegs and sizes of all art submissions to be sent to

where they will be reviewed and coordinated by myself and other team members. (Since I also have a gallery I run downtown, I am always looking for new art anyway -so please send me your info!) Decisions regarding content will not be made until the first of May, when we know the actual sq. footage of interior space and see the quantity of art work submitted.

This year, in order to facilitate the many sculptural artists living here, we will have transportation for larger pieces leaving from L.A. We are hopeful that this will allow many more of you wonderful LA artists to be represented out on the near-playa . If requesting transport of large installations (or any artwork for that matter ), please include size, weight, and any special info necessary for us to assist you in your art’s appearance at the event. Let’s show Vegas what we can do!

Any questions, please write me:

I am daleydale, and I am here to serve !

Link to project online:

Singularity Tickets

Dale Youngman

Katrina Pix and Burners Without Borders Donations

New Orleans Photos by Paynie

Have a look at Paynie’s excellent photographs from his visits to New Orleans, documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Any purchase will result in a donation being made to the Burners Without Borders organization.

Sez Paynie:

As you fly into New Orleans, it looks normal.

As you drive away from the airport, it looks strange.

When you stop and get out of your car, it???s devastating.

50% of any funds will be donated to Burners Without Borders.

Please help by passing this link around.


Watch Renfey Frap Naked

Renfey’s “Naked” Frap

Announcing the latest video by Renfey. She is a fellow Burner, has performed at the L.A. Decom, San Diego Decom, Elysium and Xara Dulzura.

Renfey frap

Watch Renfey???s new frap “Naked” – a free rap piece about:

“the beauty within each of us…

…that we are each unique and beautiful naked or adorned.”


Renfey is a singer, beat poet and frap artist. Her partner and producer on this music quest is Kor who also directed the video. Renfey wears a dress designed by Skin Graft Designs (Jonny Cota and Cassidy Haley)

Joshua Tree Music Festival

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the

Joshua Tree Music Festival

May 18, 19, 20, 2007

Joshua Tree Music Festival

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