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Space Shuttle Against the Sun

The Space Shuttle silhouetted against the Sun

Into the Sun

Space Shuttle against the sun
Just thought I’d share a couple of super-cool image of the Space Shuttle silhouetted against the sun on its way to service to the Hubble Space Telescope. The fist image shows a clear shot of the Shuttle silhouetted against the sun, and the second image shows the Shuttle (the larger black dot) as it approaches the Hubble Space Telescope (the smaller black dot). Pretty cool!

Can’t wait to see new images from deep(er) space from the upgrades performed on the space telescope by the Shuttle crew.

Images captured by award winning French astro-photographer Thierry Legault.

Cosmic Event: Venus & Pleiades Converge


Cosmic Dance Wednesday April 11, 2007

Venus and Pleiades converge in night sky

Venus and the Pleiades are converging for a
close encounter on Wednesday, April 11th.

At closest approach, the planet and the star cluster will be about 2 degrees apart, tight enough to fit behind your upturned thumb held at arm’s length. They’re an odd couple. Venus is extravagantly bright while the Pleiades are faint and delicate, yet together they make a pretty ensemble suitable for photography, binoculars or simple naked-eye viewing.

Watch the western sky after sunset in the nights ahead to see them drawing together.

Hexagonal Discovery at Saturn’s North Pole

NASA’s Cassini Space Probe
Gathers Amazing Photographic Data

Hex on SaturnThe Cassini Spacecraft has managed to get a better glimpse of an interesting phenomenon occurring over the entire north pole of the planet Saturn.

A Hex on Saturn?

A hexigonal shape circles Saturn’s north pole and has deeply piqued scientists’ interest.

NASA Excerpt:

The hexagon appears to have remained fixed with Saturn’s rotation rate and axis since first glimpsed by Voyager 26 years ago. The actual rotation rate of Saturn is still uncertain.

Amazing Comet McNaught Photos

The Comet McNaught just keeps on delivering. Amazing pictures recently from the northern hemisphere, and now after having traveled past the sun, it is visible in the southern hemishphere where beautiful photos are being taken and shared around the world.
Awesome photos from down under… Click the image for more:

Comet McNaught

Have You Seen the Comet McNaught?

For the past couple weeks, Comet McNaught has been quite a sight in the northern hemisphere. It was bigger and brighter than the planet Venus as it closed in on the sun.

Comet McNaught

Now it has passed behind the sun, and so it is viewable in the southern hemisphere. Great shots are coming out of Australia.

Have a look at the photo galleries. Amazing stuff. The comet got so big and bright as it approached the sun that it was quite easy to see it with the naked eye in broad daylight.




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