Current Playa Conditions Report 2006

You asked about Playa conditions?

A friend of a friend is out on the playa now and this is his report on current Playa surface conditions (subject to change if it rains, etc.) but this is most recent, first hand from the gate crew:

There seems to be at least two different surfaces to the playa this year. One is pretty standard and that is located in the half of the city where most people will be. However out in the deep Playa past the Man is the potato chip stuff and it seems to have the potential to really dust up. However, the wind doesn’t come from that direction AS often. When it does, I think we’ll be in for some terrible white-outs.

Black Rock City gate crew

So there you have it. A tidbit of information. Plan accordingly. g00gles, anyone? Don’t forget your dust masks…. Those are two items that should always be packed away with all your other Playa goodies.

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