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Mar 18, 2007

CONTEST!: Win Richard Cheese Tickets for His Derby Show

Richard Cheese

Lounge Music From Hell and Beyond For Your Earthly Pleasure

Richard Cheese

After a sold out show at the Derby in the Los Feliz section of L.A. last Thursday night March 16th, Richard Cheese has added a 2nd show for Tuesday March 20th.

Richard Cheese is not to be missed. I first learned of Dick Cheese at Burning Man 2005, where the neighbors to my camp, Camp Heart-on (aka Heart Camp) had a mutant vehicle which would park at about 4am every night and blast this crazy wonderful obscene lounge music. Some of my most prized memories from Burning Man that year took place at a huge fire barrel while listening to Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine. Never a dull moment.

America’s loudest lounge singer Richard Cheese performs swingin’ Vegas versions of rock, rap, and Top40 hits, “swankifying” contemporary songs into traditional pop vocal standards. Cheese has sold more than 120,000 CDs; his albums include Lounge Against The Machine, Tuxicity, I’d Like A Virgin, Aperitif For Destruction, The Sunny Side Of The Moon, and his Christmas album, Silent Nightclub.

Excerpt from Dick Cheese Web site

The Richard Cheese Ticket Give-away Contest

I, Twan, have been fortunate enough to have acquired a few tickets for the event. I definitely have one, perhaps even 2, tickets available for this Tuesday evening’s show at the Derby.

  • Would you like to win one of these tickets (a $40 value)?
  • Winner will accompany Twan to the show with worldwide underground celebrity Brother Matt (featured on Mike Watt’sWatt From Pedro Show“)
  • The person who leaves the most colorful comment as to why they deserve the ticket, wins
  • “Most colorful” will be determined by me, Twan, and only me, for better or worse…
  • If you can’t think of why you deserve the ticket, then comment about anything at all…
  • To cut down on comment spam, you need to register to leave a comment on this blog
  • Registering is easy and safe. Your info will go no further than this site.
  • Winner(s) will be determined by 11pm Monday night, March 19th.
  • Winner(s) will be contacted via email
  • Arrangements will be made at that time to hook up with Twan at the venue
  • May the games begin…

Anyone else who might want to go to the show, it is sold out. Though you might still be able to get in on stand-by. You can go to the venue and take your chances.

Good Luck!

Tuesday March 20, 2007

The Derby
4500 Los Feliz Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Harvest Rhythm Benefit


Harvest Rhythm


An epic party to benefit Common Vision’s Annual Fruit Tree Tour


DJ Glenn Red on the 1s & 2s

Late Night Open Freestyle Jam hosted by JB Verse and Liz Guilliams
featuring some of L.A.’s finest wordsmiths

Live Art by Mike Biagiotti

Bodypaint by Knemesis

Fabulous Spectacle by Aris, Raven and Sno

  • Saturday March 10 at the EpoxyBox
  • (SE corner of Abbott Kinney and Venice Blvd.)

8 pm!

Hipgenesis & Deep End Take You Deep Down

The Underworld and it’s inhabitants have long been a part of our collective mythology. Indeed, the native legends speak of hidden underground tunnels, running deep beneath Los Angeles, connecting a great subterranean city once inhabited by an ancient reptilian civilization…

In 1934, The LA Times reported that mining engineer Warren Shufelt had discovered these tunnels with the assistance of a radio apparatus and the testimony of a Hopi shaman. But after managing to sink a shaft 250′ deep, the project was mysteriously abandoned.

In 2007, we pick up Shufelt’s trail, we uncover the mystery, and on March 24th,



Deep Down

  • Journey beneath the surface…
  • Discover what lies beneath us all…
  • Treasures unburied…
  • Secrets uncovered…
  • Magic unhidden…
  • What is it we’ll find in the Lost World?
  • What is there to fill in the Hollow Earth?
  • What is it that You keep locked deep inside?
  • Open up. Descend with us.

Welcome to the REAL underground.

It’s time for all you Lost Explorers, Morlocks, Molemen, and Lizardladies to Rock it Fraggle style, to the deep chthonic grooves of:




That’s right, Hipgenesis is bringing down the one and only Deep End from Black Rock City, for their first ever Los Angeles appearance. Get ready to be taken deep…

March 24 2007
10PM – 4AM
$20 presale, $25 door

Shuttles marked HIPGENESIS will pick you up and take you to our secure downtown location.

Go to for more info, presales and links to the original 1934 LA Times article.

Mar 9, 2007

Lightning in a Bottle – A 3 Day Green Music Festival in the Woods

Lighting in a Bottle 2007

Lightning in a Bottle 2007

Santa Barbara
A Green Music Festival
May 11, 12, 13, 2007

The artists’ collective that brought The Flower to Burning Man is setting out to create a new spring festival…

It’s been many months since our last Lightning in a Bottle adventure and all of us here at The Do LaB have been working harder than ever to put together another spectacular creation for 2007. We are striving to go even BIGGER with the creative visions most central to the LIB experience, including a larger green energy and sustainability effort, eclectic and edgy new live performances, top-notch music in many genres, stunning art installations, new workshops, and more!

With artists, performers, creators, and attendees from across the country and increasingly across the globe, the community and the energy created when LIGHTNING strikes is the true focus, and the true cause for celebration at Lightning in a Bottle. We hope that you can join us with your own unique spark!

Check out the LIB 2007 Line-Up!

  • Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque
  • Bassnectar
  • Heavyweight Dub Champion
  • The Lawgiverz
  • Vau de Vire Society
  • March Fourth Marching Band
  • Bluetech (Aleph Zero, Native State)
  • Ganga Giri
  • El Circo (dome, sound and performance)
  • Oscure (LABA)
  • Kid Beyond
  • David Starfire (Space Island)
  • Gamelan X
  • The Glitch Mob: Ooah ~ Edit ~ Boreta ~ Kitty D ~ Ana Sia
  • Rena Jones (Native State Records)
  • El Papa Chango (El Circo)
  • Helios Jive (The Do LaB)
  • Random Rab (El Circo)
  • BLVD
  • Soul Eye
  • Rara Avis (six degrees)
  • Solovox
  • Porter Tinsley
  • Goddess Alchemy Project
  • Bounce Reflex: Abai ~ Albert Joseph ~ Wazulu the ill Dravidian ~ Geno Cochino
  • Jupiter (The Do LaB)
  • Jesse Wright (Pocket)
  • Novatron- LIve (Space Island/SEA)
  • Sammy Bliss (Pocket)
  • The Seedling Escape
  • Saynt (Ninja Skillz)

…more artists, familiar and new, will be added to the lineup in the coming months.
Stay tuned for more amazing entertainment to come, including art, workshops, vending, food and more..

We’ll see you in the woods!
The Do LaB

***The Flower project at Burning Man is a collaboration between Patrick Shearn, The Do LaB and Abundant Sugar***


The L.A. Chapter of SIGGRAPH Presents…

The L.A. Professional Chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH Presents:

  • March 13, 2007 (2nd Tuesday)
  • 6:30pm – Doors open
  • 7:00???11:00pm – Performances

Click here to download letter sized PDF version of March promo poster.

L.A. SIGGRAPH Presents


  • Thomas Dolby & the Jazz Mafia Horns
  • Frank Serafine w/Ginger Shankar
  • Matt Venuti -of the Venusians
  • Marci Javril – DanceHoop’er
  • MAXON – BodyPaint 3D
  • DJ Steve Nalepa
  • Donna Sternberg, digital artists Michael Masucci & Kate Johnson of EZTV,
  • Excerpt from “RAGE TO KNOW” a performance between:
    • four dancers, three projectors and two musicians
    • created especially for LA-SIGGRAPH’s Photon Ballet
    • Live Vocals: Elif Savas
    • Live Percussion: Robert Gelman
  • Glenn Grillo – VJ Digital Production
  • Marco Schindelmann, LITTERATI (synthetic Theater)
  • Sander R. Wolff: “Transduction” (Kinetic Sculpture)

Mark Bava- Events Producer, Artist
Joegh Bullock – Anon Salon, Inflatable Arts
Paul Holman – VJ System Producer

At The Music Box Henry Fonda Theater

  • 6126 Hollywood Blvd.
  • Hollywood, CA 90028

PRODUCERS: Joan Collins Carey, Robert Gelman, Michael J. Masucci, & Mark Bava, & the SIG: ART Co: Chairs: Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham, and Jennifer Grey

TICKETS: At the door only, and there is plenty of room, so come on down. (Capacity 1,200)
The event is free to LA ACM SIGGRAPH members, and $15 for non-members.
New members who sign up on site and pay the $35 annual membership fee (checks or cash only) do not have to pay the $15 fee. Anyone can become an LA SIGGRAPH member for $35. You get in free to ten meetings. DOWNLOAD the membership form in advance

Between Argyle and Gower on Hollywood Blvd. Use Hollywood Blvd exit off of the 101 Hollywood Fwy. Also, the Metro Red Line station is right there on Argyle.

In the Sunshine Parking lot, (a.k.a. Pantages parking).


Thomas Dolby & the Jazz Mafia Horns

In the late 1970s, synths and electronic music was the exclusive province of superstars, academics, and seasoned studio pros. Then came a new generation of young rebels, led by Thomas Dolby.Thomas Dolby and his songs are living, breathing entities. They have grown and matured. What is a state-of-the-art gizmo today may sound dated tomorrow; Dolby has always kept timeless fundamentals: evocative timbres, thoughtful lyrics, and memorable melodies at the heart of his music.

His current live show offers an opportunity for both artist and audience to get back up to speed with his classic material… before the next leg of his absorbing journey commences.

His performance at the Photon Ballet will include a three-piece horn section and a jaw-dropping real-time sequencing performance, enhanced by the multimedia visuals created by VJ Johnny Dekam. A fitting return to the stage for one of the pioneer artists of the MTV generation.

Frank Serafine

The Art of Modern Classical Electronic Music, and Motion Graphics
His Join legendary composer / sound designer / musician and visualist Frank Serafine, as he gives a unique performance featuring his original modern orchestral music and motion graphics.Best known for his work on Star Trek I & III: The Search For Spock, Tron, Hunt for Red October, Peter Gabriel, Ravi Shankar and many more, Serafine will perform music, with motion graphics all created using the latest Apple Mac music hardware and software as well as many other 3rd party audio andn graphics developers. Learn more about Serafine and his work.

Serafine’s Guest Artist Appearances: J U S T A D D E D !!

Sussan Deyhim-vocalist. Sussan Deyhim is a composer, vocalist and performance artist who has been at the forefront of experimental music internationally for over two decades. Deyhim’s music combines extended vocal techniques, digital processing, and the ancient mysticism of Middle Eastern music to create a deeply moving fusion of East and West. stern music to create a deeply moving fusion of East and West.
Richard Hardy-woodwinds. Richard plays clarinet, sax and flute. He has worked for Carole King from 1976-1990 and currently plays with the Dave Matthews Band. His various film credits include the IMAX productions Everest (bamboo flutes) and Dolphins (penny whistle)
Gingger Shankar-double-neck violin. Gingger comes from the royal lineage of India’s finest musicians including the Ravi Shankar family.
Her credits include co-composer/performer on Mel Gibson’s Academy Award nominated film Passion of the Christ. Gingger will be performing and showcasing the new Electric Viola from Ned Steinberger.
Eddie Pacio-visualist, producer and director for commercials including Volkswagon, Mastercard and Kodak. Eddie directed Music Videos for Brian Wilson and Kansas and others. Eddie and Frank have collaborated on many projects for years and he will be performing live interactive visualization with the music utilizing Roland’s innovative Motion Dive real-time video console and showcasing the new Sony HDV-V1U Hi-Def Pro camera feed.

Matt Venuti, (of the Venusians)
Matt Venuti is an original and one of a rare breed to musician-technologists who are able to use technology for maximum emotional impact. When you hear his hypnotic grooves, soaring melodies and rhythmic textures, you might not be aware that you are listening to an EVI (electronic valve instrument) that sounds as much like a fine string section in one moment as it does a thrash guitar in another. Played like a trumpet, it’s always amazing to watch.

With Matt’s original compositions, you can be taken anywhere, and it’s often a great surprise where you end up. His latest venture is in the world of the “Hang,” (pronounced “hong”). This is a hand-played steel-drum like instrument that looks something like a flying saucer. And like a flying saucer, Matt’s playing is likely to transport you to some other world.

He’ll be playing a little of the Hang as well as his EVI along with laptop beats at Photon Ballet.
Current release: Dance of Helix

A collaboration between Donna Sternberg & Dancers and EZTV
Digital Video & Animation: Michael Masucci, Kate Johnson
Choreographer: Donna Sternberg
Live Vocals: Elif Savas
Live Percussion: Robert Gelman

Today’s notions in contemporary physics, including Quantum Mechanics and String Theory, are bombarding humankind’s notions of time, space and spirituality. How do artists interpret these notions, and serve as both translators as well as commentators in reaction to ideas that few can actually ponder? Rage to Know is an experiment through modern dance and digital art to create an expressionistic landscape upon which to reflect and ponder the nature of existence itself.

For over 25 years, EZTV’s Michael Masucci, an acknowledged pioneer in desktop video, has been collaborating with many of Los Angeles’ choreographers, to create highly influential and innovative experiments in the use of multi-screen ( and often mobile ) video & digital projections with live dancers and performance artists. By the integration of specifically produced cinematic and photographic imagery, in addition to more abstract “VJ-style” imagery, Masucci introduced a more narrative and scenic design aesthetic to typical ‘wallpaper’ designs which still make-up most of the use of video projection in live performance. Kate Johnson, continuing in this EZTV cinema-style tradition, has created some of the most critically acclaimed examples of digital art projection used with contemporary dance today, in a number of award-winning collaborations which continue to raise the bar of what is expected in video/dance performance.

Choreographer Donna Sternberg co-founded the Mixed Motion Dance Company, where she choreographed, performed and taught throughout California, Oregon and Washington states. Desiring to work with artists of other disciplines, Ms. Sternberg moved on to become Artistic Director of Dance Collaborative, where she choreographed and performed solo and collaborative concerts. In 1985 she founded Donna Sternberg & Dancers, a modern dance company, to express her vision of the communicative power of movement. The company is based in Santa Monica, California. She has danced in the companies of Donald Byrd, Mary Jane Eisenberg, Dance/LA and TNR: Moebius.

In addition to the pre-recorded original music tracks created especially for this performance by Masucci, Johnson & Sternberg, performing live will be Elif Savas, an internationally recognized artist, whose operatically trained soprano voice has been used in performances ranging from opera to contemporary. Additionally, accompanying the live vocals and electronica music, will be live percussion by cyber-art pioneer/musician Robert Gelman.

For this LA-SIGGRAPH performance, EZTV’s Masucci will utilize two modified camera support system to hold video projectors to allow them to follow and move more smoothly with the four dancers, who are used as projection surfaces for this piece. This technique, called LightCrane by Masucci, has been evolving since his collaborations in the mid-1980’s with multimedia dance pioneer Zina Bethune. No lighting design other than video projection will be used to light the dancers, who will be enclosed in several prototypes of mesh fabric costume/sets which changes shape and therefore the shape and size of the projection surfaces. This Butoh-like performance, created especially for LA-SIGGRAPH’s March 13th event, is adapted from a two-year collaboration between Donna Sternberg & Dancers and EZTV called “RAGE TO KNOW” an evening-length live multimedia dance event to premiere at California State Northridge April 28th, in collaboration with their Dept.of Physics, and Dr. Ken Phillips of the California Science Museum.

Marco Schindelmann, LITTERATI (synthetic Theater)
Featured Artist: MLuM (cineMLuM, MLuMettes)
Guest Artists and sponsors: RCC Dancers, Chung Shih Hoh, Scary Culture, FLOOD
An example of Synthetic Theater, informed by hara-kirioke (a fusion of karaoke, Noh drama and Theater of Cruelty),
Litterati is a conceptual demonstration of litter employed as artistic medium as well as a nonmimetic display of the energetics of litter as formulated into methodology. By way of movement, action and dance, litter is created onstage; via projection, litter is aestheticized as it randomly captures the space-borne and lucific litter of images cast by projectors. Conceptual points are further underscored by live and prerecorded sound and musical elements. Processes include aleatorization, automatism, pre programming and transilience while performance practices feature spontaneous and calculated doubling techniques and iterations (the “sing along” aesthetics of sweetening and performing to the radio, iPod and other pop prerecord sources).

Marci Javril
Special guest appearances by Marci Javril, creator of HOOPLAY- uniquely stylized movement improvisation using DanceHoops. Performances throughout the evening, interacting with many of the art installations and lighting. Marci Javril, Vital Energist, transmutated image was splashed in multiple trails across giant video projection screens in the late 80’s. Hailed as a pioneer artist in using real-time computer animation techniques, she solo-choreographed specific movement forms to interact with Technology, using image processing by Ed Tannenbaum, and collaborating with other artists using the Fairlight Computer Video Instrument from 1984-92 (both precursors of the VideoToaster). She is now an expert (hula) DanceHoop’er and improvises an incredible mix of dance theatre with technology. See her article published in Whole Life Times & a brief from Burningman 2005:

Sander Wolff, “Transduction” (Rooftop Terrece)
Media: Kinetic Sculpture (Metal, Water, Sound, Light)
“Transduction” is a kinetic sculpture that uses the natural qualities of metal, water, and light to create a dynamic dialog with the energy of sound. Sander is the Executive Director of, a free community Arts portal.

Glenn Grillo – Digital Production
With his Los Angeles-based, Arcane Realities, Glenn is a world leader in cutting-edge 3D animation and direction. He’s developed critically acclaimed animations for HBO, Nissan, Toyota, Entropia, Inc. and Virgin Records. His work is featured in clubs from Tokyo to New York to Los Angeles. If you want to push the limits, Glenn’s your man.

MAXON Computer – BodyPaint 3D,
Paint Directly onto 3D Models with Real-Time Results
MAXON Computer, a well known producer of powerful and intuitive 3D solutions, invites attendees to see the high-end tools of BodyPaint 3D in action and paint directly on 3D models. Popular among major motion picture studios, BodyPaint gives artists ultimate control over the materials and textures with layers, filters, and real-time ray-traced feedback. Using Wacom’s Cintiq tablet, visitors can paint on the computer screen and see instant results with the pen pressure, direction, angle, and rotation taken perfectly into account. BodyPaint 3D offers direct connection plugins for most leading 3D animation packages including CINEMA 4D, Maya, Softimage XSI, 3ds Max, and Lightwave. You can download a free, full-functional demo of BodyPaint 3D

Mark BavaEvents and Concert Producer, Artist
Producer- Anon Salon, Blue Bongo Cafe. Mark Bava has produced both public and corporate events for over 20 years from concert production in the early 1980’s in Monterey Ca. to current annual Sea of Dreams New Years Eve (LA and San Francisco) and LaDecom Street Fair (fundraiser for Black Rock Arts Foundation). Current board member of LARABA (Los Angeles River Arts and Business Assoc).
Joegh Bullock – Event Producer, Founder of Anon Salon/Climate
Theatre, Inflatable Arts
Anon Salon has been producing trend setting multi media events and theatre since 1990 that has been blurring the line between audience and performer for close to 25 years. Over the course of its 15-year existence, Anon Salon has helped redefine West Coast event and party production by producing hundreds of unique theme parties, theater festivals, art shows and even street fairs for adventurous fans in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Producers of Anon Salon, Sea of Dreams, Ambiotica Lounge, Solo Mio Festival, Climate Theatre, Glas Haus and co-producers of Heat the Streets Faire, Flambe Lounge for Black Rock Arts Foundation.

  • PAUL HOLMAN ??? VJ System Producer
  • DJ Nalepa ??? DJ System content

America’s Drug War & Ninja Bachelor Party Screenings

You’re invited to a double feature of

“America’s Drug War”


“Ninja Bachelor Party”

At the DRUID film Festival in Los Angeles CA.


American Drug War flyer


Sacred Cow Productions

Anyone who knows me is very familiar with the fact that I’m a huge fan of the late great, prophet, comedian, social commentarian Bill Hicks. No one has come close to the kind of truth and brutal honesty that Bill Hicks laid out on a day to day basis. Bill was a uniquely hilarious and gifted individual. In fact, I feel that one of my jobs in life is to Spread the Word of Bill. In that mission, I have remained true.

The filmmaker of the above featured film America’s Drug War is Kevin Booth, Bill’s best friend from childhood, and one of his business partners up until Bill’s unlikely and untimely death in 1994 at the young age of 32 (he died of pancreatic cancer). In fact, we just had the 13th anniversary of his passing on February 26th. It should be a national holiday. It is for me, anyway. Celebrate Bill’s life accordingly.

In any case, I hope you can make it to the screenings. It should be a hoot, and it’ll be good to give Kevin all the support I’m sure he could use! Plus, half of all the proceeds will be donated to “The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wild Life” (I love THAT play on words!)

Many thanx,


P.S. Click on the flier above to go to a great interview with Kevin Booth on Ain’t It Cool News. It’s a really good read.

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