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Jul 10, 2007
Comments Off on Journey to the Flames: Screening & DVD Release July 28th

Journey to the Flames: Screening & DVD Release July 28th

Attend a screening and DVD release party for

Journey to the Flames – 8 years of Burning Man

Journey to the Flames - 8 Years of Burning Man

Saturday July 28th at 7:30 pm

Fine Arts Theatre at Wilshire and La Cienega Blvds.

A full screening of the film, a panel including the director and cast. See the acclaimed documentary which chronicles the unique event including 8 years of art, music, people, volunteerism, philosophy and special moments of burning man.

The documentary chronicles a group of friends as they head off to one of the largest and mysterious social experiments in the world. Every year for one week 40,000 people meet in northern Nevada to create a city out of empty desert.

After that week, Black Rock City (or “the playa”) disappears without a trace including its zip code, newspaper(s), radio stations, and airport. The rules are simple: No commerce, bring what you need to survive, leave no trace, participants only, and no spectators. Take a journey into a world of art, music, sexuality and fire. Lots of fire…

Mar 6, 2007
Comments Off on America’s Drug War & Ninja Bachelor Party Screenings

America’s Drug War & Ninja Bachelor Party Screenings

You’re invited to a double feature of

“America’s Drug War”


“Ninja Bachelor Party”

At the DRUID film Festival in Los Angeles CA.


American Drug War flyer


Sacred Cow Productions

Anyone who knows me is very familiar with the fact that I’m a huge fan of the late great, prophet, comedian, social commentarian Bill Hicks. No one has come close to the kind of truth and brutal honesty that Bill Hicks laid out on a day to day basis. Bill was a uniquely hilarious and gifted individual. In fact, I feel that one of my jobs in life is to Spread the Word of Bill. In that mission, I have remained true.

The filmmaker of the above featured film America’s Drug War is Kevin Booth, Bill’s best friend from childhood, and one of his business partners up until Bill’s unlikely and untimely death in 1994 at the young age of 32 (he died of pancreatic cancer). In fact, we just had the 13th anniversary of his passing on February 26th. It should be a national holiday. It is for me, anyway. Celebrate Bill’s life accordingly.

In any case, I hope you can make it to the screenings. It should be a hoot, and it’ll be good to give Kevin all the support I’m sure he could use! Plus, half of all the proceeds will be donated to “The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wild Life” (I love THAT play on words!)

Many thanx,


P.S. Click on the flier above to go to a great interview with Kevin Booth on Ain’t It Cool News. It’s a really good read.

Sep 29, 2006
Comments Off on Artist Pepe Ozan Film Festival Screening

Artist Pepe Ozan Film Festival Screening

Pepe Ozan is visiting Hollywood this weekend where he will have a film festival screening of his documentary movie about the nomadic gypsies of India. Pepe and partner Melitta lived amongst five gypsy families for almost one year and traveled with them all over the Indian continent, documenting their extraordinary lives in order to make this exceptional film.

Perhaps best known for his amazing art works at Burning Man, where he is one of the longest lasting artists to grace the Playa (beginning in 1991), then creating the Burning Man Opera in 1996, of which Twan served as co-producer (1998-2002), and finally moving into other directions artistically, which is how he began making documentaries in and about some interesting facets of eastern Indian life.

The screening will begin at 2:00 in the afternoon. A great way to spend a bit of time!

Jaisalmer Ayo! has been invited to screen at the National Geographic Film Festival which is taking place at the beautiful Egyptian Theatre which is located at:

6712 Hollywood Boulevard,
between Las Palmas and McCadden,
just east of Highland Avenue
in Hollywood.
Selma Avenue is just south of the theatre.

Please consider stopping by and sharing some love with Pepe. He’d be delighted to meet you and he’s a joy to know. And the movie is well worth watching, particularly if you have an interest in all things eastern Indian.

Here are a few photos of Pepe’s Playa creations:

The Temple of Rudra 1998 (day)

The Temple of Rudra 1998 (night)

The Temple of Rudra (night, on fire)

Monicacos de Esperanza (BRC 2006)





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