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Mar 29, 2007

Fire Drums V: Fire Arts and Drummers United

FireDrums V

Thursday, May 3rd – Sunday, May 6th, 2007

FireDrums is about bringing the global Fire Arts and Drumming Communities together to share knowledge and to propel these burgeoning Art Forms forward. The past 4 FireDrums were blessed with some of the most epic Fire Spinning and Drumming Jams of all time with participation from some of the world’s most amazing Fire Dancers and Drummers. Truly inspirational!

FireDrums will always be open to everyone at any skill level even if you’ve never lit-up. Whether you’re learning, teaching, sharing, inspiring, or being inspired, we welcome anyone interested in being part of the abundance of advancement that occurs when a convergence of this magnitude transpires. Everyone was a beginner at some point in their development and you can often learn just as much from teaching as you can from being taught. There will be organized and impromptu interactive workshops in the various disciplines of the Fire and Flow Arts and Drumming throughout the gathering.

LOCATION: We’ve secured the beautiful Cutter Scout Reservation exclusively for FireDrums V. Cutter Scout Reservation is a full-service camping facility located in the coastal mountains of California above Santa Cruz. This breath-taking 300 acre camp ground is located 25 miles from Santa Cruz and 67 miles from San Francisco. Cutter is 2,200 feet in elevation and it’s in some of the last old-growth redwoods on the West Coast. There’s a full-size swimming pool, a small lake with canoes, hiking trails, bathrooms & showers with running water, bbq’s, and so much more!

Cutter Scout Reservation
2500 China Grade Road
Boulder Creek, CA 95006

* * * MapQuest & Yahoo Maps DON’T give accurate directions to Cutter! * * *

This gathering is made possible by contributions from our community… thank you for your support :^)
See ya at FireDrums V!!!

burn bright,
love, laughter & light…
Vatra & Sky

Fire Breathing World Record Set at Burning Man 2006

Fire, Art, Ambition, and Success!

Last year, a group of 82 fire artists gathered at Black Rock City during the Burning Man festival with the intention of setting a world record. After what must have felt like a very long wait, they have finally received word from the Guinness Book of World Records that they had achieved their goal!

Organized by local Los Angeles fire artist and super freak Tedward (pictured below on one knee in center of photo) the group gathered and breathed a collective breath of big fire into the crisp night sky of the lovely northern Nevada desert… It was a beautiful sight. A unique function of community. More please!


Ocean of Fire

Excerpt from “Ocean of Fire” organizer Tedward:

31 August 2006, just outside Thunderdome, shortly after dusk:

82 firebreathers gathered together with the intent of breaking the existing record of 70 firebreathers all engaged in a single act of fire breathing.

They spent 6 months gathering evidence: video footage, photographs, news articles, etc. On 29 January 2007, the package was sent to Guinness and the long wait began. Now, they wait no more. It’s official, the Ocean of Fire project is the current world record holder for most number of fire breathers in one location.

The certificate has been sent from Guinness and will be auspiciously posted on the website upon arrival.


30 August 2007, at the Shiva Vista Project, shortly after dusk we will be gathering once more. A group in Denmark is gathering evidence to make a claim of 115 breathers, and we may have to defend our title, so, grab a partner and a fire breather and join us Thrusday night.

Please support NAFAA


Mar 9, 2007

Lightning in a Bottle – A 3 Day Green Music Festival in the Woods

Lighting in a Bottle 2007

Lightning in a Bottle 2007

Santa Barbara
A Green Music Festival
May 11, 12, 13, 2007

The artists’ collective that brought The Flower to Burning Man is setting out to create a new spring festival…

It’s been many months since our last Lightning in a Bottle adventure and all of us here at The Do LaB have been working harder than ever to put together another spectacular creation for 2007. We are striving to go even BIGGER with the creative visions most central to the LIB experience, including a larger green energy and sustainability effort, eclectic and edgy new live performances, top-notch music in many genres, stunning art installations, new workshops, and more!

With artists, performers, creators, and attendees from across the country and increasingly across the globe, the community and the energy created when LIGHTNING strikes is the true focus, and the true cause for celebration at Lightning in a Bottle. We hope that you can join us with your own unique spark!

Check out the LIB 2007 Line-Up!

  • Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque
  • Bassnectar
  • Heavyweight Dub Champion
  • The Lawgiverz
  • Vau de Vire Society
  • March Fourth Marching Band
  • Bluetech (Aleph Zero, Native State)
  • Ganga Giri
  • El Circo (dome, sound and performance)
  • Oscure (LABA)
  • Kid Beyond
  • David Starfire (Space Island)
  • Gamelan X
  • The Glitch Mob: Ooah ~ Edit ~ Boreta ~ Kitty D ~ Ana Sia
  • Rena Jones (Native State Records)
  • El Papa Chango (El Circo)
  • Helios Jive (The Do LaB)
  • Random Rab (El Circo)
  • BLVD
  • Soul Eye
  • Rara Avis (six degrees)
  • Solovox
  • Porter Tinsley
  • Goddess Alchemy Project
  • Bounce Reflex: Abai ~ Albert Joseph ~ Wazulu the ill Dravidian ~ Geno Cochino
  • Jupiter (The Do LaB)
  • Jesse Wright (Pocket)
  • Novatron- LIve (Space Island/SEA)
  • Sammy Bliss (Pocket)
  • The Seedling Escape
  • Saynt (Ninja Skillz)

…more artists, familiar and new, will be added to the lineup in the coming months.
Stay tuned for more amazing entertainment to come, including art, workshops, vending, food and more..

We’ll see you in the woods!
The Do LaB

***The Flower project at Burning Man is a collaboration between Patrick Shearn, The Do LaB and Abundant Sugar***





Hello Dark Skies – Singularity community. Got a few minutes?

Here is the latest news in regards to our permits and the BLM. Feel free to forward this public press release wherever you’d like.


  • DS/Sing is going to cost between $25 and $29K to produce.
  • The initial draft of the accounting (pre-event) is posted here
  • It’s still pretty rough and is lacking a bunch of stuff, but you’ll see the nexus of what this takes.
  • We post this in advance of the event because we want YOU the community to buy into this thing and see what it takes to produce it.
  • Realize that nobody is getting rich here. And we want you to buy tickets, too!
  • How’s that for blatant honesty?
  • It’s an extremely risky venture at best producing these events.
  • Our ONLY source of income comes from YOU buying tickets to the event.


  • BLM Law Enforcement (LE) is asking for $34,600 in LE fees for the May event.
  • Event budget – <>$27K, LE fees – $34k. See a problem here?

After being approved for the upcoming May event this past December, we have received a “Cost Recovery Estimate” in February from BLM that is far in excess of the entire event’s gross budget.


We are prepared to file an appeal with the BLM in Sacramento and Washington to contest these fees, and concurrently file an application for a ‘stay’ to keep our permitting process moving forward during the appeal process, which could take up to two years. We intend to show that BLM is in error in its cost estimate for our little event, and further, that bias, prejudice, and unfair treatment has occurred numerous times at our events. Those of you who’ve receive citations know what we’re talking about here. They simply “don’t like” us (yes, that is a quote!), but that has no bearing on the facts unfortunately.

We have a meeting scheduled with BLM for this Thursday here in the Las Vegas office to begin this process and attempt to talk some sense into these guys. I/E: How can you charge more than the event brings in for LE alone? Maybe we’ll just hire cops and not have any potties? For that matter, maybe the cops will let us s**t in their armored Chevy Suburban cruisers out on Roach Lake? Dunno. We’re pretty sure that we will prevail in this effort, and it’s a very challenging and productive time right now and a lot of work is going on behind the scenes on many levels to make the May event happen. This letter is keeping you all in the loop. This letter is pulling back that curtain. Many of you just want to come to the event, set up and have fun, and we love that and we love you, but many of you also want to know what’s going on behind the scenes, too. Many of you find this process fascinating, you nerds. That’s what this letter is about.

What does this situation mean? Is Dark Skies – The Singularity Event getting canceled? Moved? Turned into a Pentecostal Snake show? Are we going full on commercial and hiring the Chilli Peppers to pay for the cops? NO WAY! That will never happen. The May event is ON and we’re doing it on Roach Lake, May 17-20, just like we always have. What this means quite frankly is that we have to jump through yet more hoops in order to use the land that we own and pay for, from the Bureaucracy that we pay for, too. We know our rights, we have the facts, and we have YOUR support in producing one of the best events on the west coast. And that feels pretty damn good guys. We also have some of Burning Man’s resources now being brought to bear on this situation as well and we are extremely grateful for that. Additional resources are coming on line even as we speak. The reason is, that we are ethical and responsible; the facts are that we are in the right, and that BLM is simply wrong in trying to over regulate us and regulate us out of existence. BLM’s Cost Recovery Estimate is simply in error.


  • What do we need from you guys now?
  • What can you do to help? Well for starters, we are NOT going to start a letter writing campaign.
  • And, we are not going start calling BLM and whining about this situation.
  • Also, no picket lines or clown, bunny, or santa rampages at their offices either; it will do no good at this point, trust us.

We need to work collectively as a group within the letter of the law and BLM’s regulations to find a solution to this problem. This is not the time for emotions, this is the time for clear rational action and we are about to do just that. Again, we’re not asking you to DO anything at this point except buy tickets; we just really want everyone reading this to more fully understand what goes into events of this type. One can only imagine the pain the Burningman has gone through in figuring this out over the past 20+ years. Anyone who thinks this is easy should give it a try sometime. G’head, we dare you.


Want some more info? Ok then, in the spirit of both community and true open source here is the basis for our complaint and for what will become the appeal should that unfortunate action become necessary. And we really hope it can be avoided at our meeting in two days. This is our rationale for appealing fees in excess of the event’s total budget. We allege the following:

  1. That BLM is over-charging us for Law Enforcement for our event far in excess of that called for in other events of this type. BLM standards for “all ages family events” are one law enforcement officer per 1000 participants. Our current ratio is 1/90. (see #7 below)
  2. That a history of abuse, bias, and discrimination exists and that our event is being treated differently than any other events of this type. This affects us adversely and therefore a stay should be granted to allow the permitting to proceed.
  3. That arbitrary and capricious standard?s are being applied to us on many levels.
  4. That we have a history of just one stipulation violation in four previous events on the same site, which was minor and promptly corrected (fireworks). Therefore there is no reason to have three observers as part of our cost recovery estimate or stipulations. (see #7 below)
  5. That though we have complained in writing to BLM about abuse and dereliction of duties by LE on two different occasions, those complaints went unanswered and ignored and instead we find ourselves in the current situation.
  6. That BLM is attempting to charge us an amount, greater than the total gross budget of our event. This precludes the event from ever happening. This not only violates our civil rights, but that it negates BLM’s mandate to preserve our public lands for public use. In short, we believe BLM is attempting to regulate us out of existence and exclude us while allowing other events of this type to occur. This affects us adversely and therefore a stay should be granted to allow the permitting to proceed.
  7. That in our four events held on this site, and contrary to BLM’s own internal regulations, no After Action Reports have been filed for any of our events, and that therefore, this shows neither precedent nor reason for our user fees being increased for event number 5 by a factor of over 1600%. This affects us adversely and therefore a stay should be granted to allow the permitting to proceed.
  8. That the closure area that BLM is requiring us to adhere to is 350 times larger than Burningman’s per capita. This huge closure area is completely unworkable for an event of this size. We wish to be held to the same standard as Burningman in this regard. Precedent has been set for these types of events. This affects us adversely and therefore a stay should be granted to allow the permitting to proceed.

As you can see, we’ve done quite a bit of work on this matter and we’re fairly confidant that we will prevail once the facts supporting these claims have been presented, and rest assured that we do have the documentation to back this stuff up.

If any of YOU have anything to add to this please contact us OFF LIST and get involved. This is going out to too many lists (worldwide) to have public dialogs on all of them, though we would be happy to discuss it on the main Dark Skies/Singularity list.

And remember that BLM and LE is already on most of our lists anyway in case you hadn’t guessed. (Hi guys)
We’re not looking for emotional or hostile responses. This is not “fight the man” time, but your ideas are certainly welcome and encouraged.

What are we missing here?

That’s pretty much it. Fun reading, huh?


  • Now for some good news!
  • We have over a dozen theme camps signed on.
  • We have a truck load of art on the way from L.A.
  • We’re going to have a massive art gallery in center camp, (whoo hoo!).
  • We also have major pyro and fire art coming in from all over the west coast,
  • Tickets sold in 8 states so far.

YOUR SUPPORT is the key to making this all happen. Thank you all! To be quite honest, what we need is to sell tickets and we have been selling pretty well so far so thank you for that, too. The current count is somewhere around 180 tickets sold in advance, which puts us farther ahead than any other event we’ve done and well on the way to reaching our cap, which will be somewhere around 600 or 700 people. Please visit the Dark Skies / Vegas Artists website to learn more about Dark Skies / The Singularity Event and to sign up to help out on site. Volunteers are the key to making this work so please get involved.

Thank you again for your continued support of YOUR southwest regional burn. Thank you for buying tickets. Thank you for helping. And thank you for daring to dream big with us and make this happen, in this wonderful venue, and on this level of both complexity and content. With your love and support, this is going to completely and totally rock. Because as we’ve always said since May of ’05: “we just found the site, it is YOU who make the event so special”.
And you do.

Much dusty love,
The Singularity Core

Cameron Grant: Las Vegas BM Regional Director

Fire Hoop Demo by Lynx Magic

Hi everyone –

After a year of being too busy to do fire, I’m back into it full force. I just wanted to let you all see my new fire hoop demo. It came about with a lot of help and work on the part of my friend John Cope and I just want to let you know that if you need a performance filmed he has a high def camera and can edit the footage into a demo for you at very reasonable rates. We’re still working away so I should have my new aerial silks demo done and out within the week and ready for the holiday performance season.

Hope I see you all soon,


Laura Morgan Fire Hoop Goddess

Photo by Johncopedesign

Fire Sabre Classes

Greetings, everyone! With the new year almost upon us (the Chinese New Year, that is) I’m starting a new session teaching kung fu sabre for fire performers again with the fine folks of Firegroove, starting this Sunday from 7:30 to 9:00 and running through Feb. 18th. Our new location is The Dancers’ Studio. Last term was a truly exciting one – everyone’s progress seemed to explode exponentially each week, and there was such wonderful feedback about the students’ skill at the lightup! This term, we’re combining both Intro and Intermediate levels into one hour-and-a-half class, allowing the beginning students to see the path where their training will take them.

Fire Sabre

With it’s coiling, dragon-oriented movements and explosive energy, kung fu sabre makes an excellent tool to add to any fire performer’s skill set. As the mother (and most theatrical) of martial arts, kung fu is an ideal art from which to draw inspiration and in which to immerse oneself in training. This course is designed for beginners and knowledgable performers alike to enjoy.

* Kung Fu Sabre for Fire Performers *

** Intro Level **

Each class begins with a half-hour warm up of chi kung stretching and breathing exercises in order to calm the mind and warm up the body properly, and to prepare the spirit for the training to follow. Students will move through training in foundations and the essential stances, as well as cultivating basic techniques of striking and parrying. At the end of the six-week course, students will have learned and be able to perform a basic fire sabre form, and will have the opportunity to purchase their own fire sabre for a discounted price.

** Intermediate Level **

The intermediate students will warm up in chi kung and stance training with the beginning students, then move on to more complex combinations of movements. Building on the form the students learned in the previous course, they will develop the set further, using what they learn this term. We will also cover flame effects for sabre, including titanium flake, and will use them in the lighting – up ceremony at the end of the course.

In addition, we will cover basic safety rules regarding fire in general and fire sabre in particular at the fire safety seminar/make-up class. Upon completion of the safety seminar, students will be able to act as fire safety for one another as well as perform their set.

Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

– Anna Maltese

** background **

Since the age of ten, Anna has been training in martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do, ninjitsu, and kung fu. Her foundation rests in Monkey Style Kung Fu, as taught by Master Paulie Zink, and wushu. She is currently enrolled in the National Wushu Training Center, where she practices open hand as well as weapons forms, and NWTC Impact Stunts, training in high falls and wirework. She recently performed with the Beijing Wushu Team in the NWTC theatrical production of ‘Jade Pirate,’ doing both wushu and fire. When she’s not practicing wushu, or at her day job as an animator on the upcoming Simpsons’ movie, Anna enjoys her other job as creative director of the Phoenix Projekt, a martial-arts based fire troupe incorporating kung fu, dance, aerial silks, real Chinese lion and dragon dance, and the taiko drums of Kodama.

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