Jan 10, 2007

Former BM Co-founder, John Law, Sues Burning Man

Burning Man Sued by former partner…

Some say that after the trial and tribulations of the 1996 Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert that John Law got a raw deal.

The 1996 Burning Man event had seen exponential growth in population, and with that growth there had been some problems. The infrastructure was taxed and there had been injuries and a death. It was after the 1996 event that John Law, one of the founding creators of Burning Man, left the organization. What is not known is whether he left of his own accord or was ousted. And somehow blame was passed on to him for the trials that the event underwent in that pivotal year.

Some say that John Law had been scapegoated. Today I spoke with a dear friend who has been deeply involved with Burning Man since the early 1990’s, who told me that he was present when John Law had agreed to leave the organization of his own free will. However, he also pointed out that John had said something which had personally offended Larry Harvey, to the point of that a vengeful Larry found a way arrange John’s “willing” ouster within a few months of the 1996 event.

Now, after a decade has passed, and Black Rock City LLC (the corporation that hosts the Burning Man festival) is an $8-10 million per year operation, John Law has resurfaced. On January 9th, 2007 in San Francisco, Mr. Law has filed suit against his former partners.

John Law has created a blog to document his thoughts on the matters at hand. This should be fascinating…

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Interesting times for the Burning Man Org.

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