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Sep 4, 2009

Water Woman Festival – Oct. 1 – 4

Water Woman Festival

October 1-4, 2009
Joshua Tree, California

WaterWoman Festival

Water Woman Festival
October 1-4, 2009
Joshua Tree, California

Environmental Art ??? Permaculture Design ??? Natural Building ???
Sustainable Living ??? Site Revitalization ??? Be Showered With

4 FULL Days & 3 Nights?? Including Tent Camping!?? ONLY $75!
Single Day Tickets available NOW on website – ONLY $25

Please pass this on to everyone!
Warmest Water Woman Wishes!

Fusing Art and Ecological Design; Inspiring the Future
Check out the NEW images of Ecological Designs, Eco Art, Water Woman
and Our Eco-Tribes!

* Note – Kids under 12 are FREE accompanied by parents.
We will BUILD and Leave a Trace!?? Play in the Mud – Play in the Spray!

The Water Woman Festival is an interactive art and ecological
experience featuring TOP artists, architects, natural builders,
permaculture designers, speakers, teachers, musicians, and
Inspirational Visionaries!

This is an URGENT Event!

  • * Mingle with Extreme Green Artists
  • * Experience Dark Green Technologies
  • * Help Build Beautifully – Re-birth the Site!
  • * Honor The Goddess of Life!
  • * Support the Development of Eco Settlements
  • * Have FUN Dancing the Patterns of Nature!

Imagine, Create and Be Showered With Possibilities!

NEW Confirmed speakers/workshops and special guests include:

  • * SunRay Kelley~Elemental Force in Natural Building
  • * Jonah Reyolds~Earthship Biotecture
  • * Marilyn Crenshaw~The Green Architect
  • * Art Ludwig~Ecological Systems Designer and Grey Water Champion
  • * Lori Grace~Living Mandala
  • * Laura Fox~Visionary Culture Radio “Anchor the Dream”
  • * Patricia Watts “Eco Arts Curator”
  • * Ray Cirino~Extreme Green Artist
  • * Mother Nature
  • * Earthen Artists & Natural Builders, including: Kata Polano, Miguel Elliot, Michael Blaha, Bruce Thauburn, Scott Howard, many more!
  • * Performing artists and musical guests: Wayward Monks, Scott Huckabay~Musical Alchemyst, Maetar, Fontain’s MUSE, Singing Bear, Riki
  • Hendrix Band, unclejack..?? drum circle, rituals and MUCH more to follow!

Submit your art for the Highly Sustainable Functional Art Challenge! Set up a Permaculture Guild Campsite/Demonstration

Water Woman Art Challenge: As a group of eco-artists it is our goal to set new standards in sustainable art forms to provide energy, food, shelter, and water systems. By coming together as community, artists, permaculturalists, performers, musicians, natural builders, and motivated students, our structured plan is to go beyond our society’s definition of sustainability so we can be self reliant and educate others back home.

Produced by: The Water Woman Foundation 415-939-5848
Water Woman Project + Festival

In association with the Morongo Basin Art Guild, the Joshua Tree
Chamber of Commerce, Desert Springs Chamber of Commerce, Natural
Science Collaborative, Boulder Community Gardens, and more!

The Water Woman Festival is @
Joshua Tree Lake Campground
2601 Sunfair Road – Joshua Tree, California 92252
Phone (760) 366-1213

The Water Woman Project
Fusing Art & Ecological Design – Inspiring the Future

May 29, 2009
Comments Off on Sacred Sexuality Workshop June 13

Sacred Sexuality Workshop June 13

Sacred Sexuality Workshop in Topanga
Saturday June 13th, 2009
10:00am – 4:00pm

Suggested donation: $95
Couples: $160

This Workshop of Sacred Sexuality has the potential to impact your life for the better, offering invaluable insights and lasting knowledge.

Hosted by William Golden and Greta Hassel, MFT at the lovely, enchanting Shangri-La in Topanga Canyon.

Register for this exceptional one day workshop and empower the love in your life:

  • William: (310) 455-0980
  • Greta: (310) 818-1473
May 23, 2008

Lightning in a Bottle 2008

Lightning in a Bottle is On!
Fabulously Fun Festival in the Forest

Lightning in a Bottle 2008

Friday thru Monday
May 23, 24, 25, 26, 2008

As of today, as in NOW, Lightning in a Bottle has opened her sexy gates. If you know what’s good for you, this is where you’ll be. Visit the Lightning in a Bottle website for all the details.

Lightning in a Bottle Gate Schedule:

  • Friday May 23 – Gate opens at 7am and closes at 2am
  • Saturday May 24 – Gate opens at 7am and closes at 2am
  • Sunday May 25 – Gate opens at 7am and closes at 8pm
  • Monday May 26 – No Entry.


There will be shuttles running to help take you and your camping equipment from the parking lot to the campgrounds. See LiB website for shuttle schedule

Music and Live Entertainment

The stages will be live and in effect starting on Friday from 3pm till midnight, and from around 10am to midnight on Saturday and Sunday. Three whole days! After midnight expect special surprises, acoustic jam sessions and other fun stuff to carry the festival through the night. And there’s no need to dash out on Monday. The gates close Tuesday at noon, so you’re free to stick around ’til then and enjoy the forest!

LiB Camping Info

Camping for the entire event is included in the weekend pass ticket price. There will be plenty of space in the grass and under the trees for setting up your campsite. There is no camping for day passes.


Keep your stuff safe! For your convenience and for the safety of your valuables, there will be lockers available to rent at LIB.

Vehicle Camping at LiB

There is a very limited amount of vehicle camping space available on the festival grounds. If you want to camp with your vehicle, you will need to have purchased a car camping pass, which are now sold out. For those not camping with their vehicle, there will be bio-diesel shuttles to drive you and your camping gear into the site.

RV Camping

A limited amount of RV camping is available for $75 per RV. All RV’s must purchase passes in advance through our online ticketing page starting April 2nd. RV passes are now sold out! If you haven’t already purchased an RV camping pass, please leave your RV at home. We will have limited space in the parking lots and RV camping will not be available in these or any other areas without an RV camping pass.

Parking at Lightning in a Bottle

We will have secure parking near the festival entrance for your vehicles and you will be able to access them throughout the duration of the event. Parking in the general lot is free.

Lightning in a Bottle 2008 Workshop Info

Workshops are FREE throughout the weekend!


Our vending village is located at the center of the festival grounds and offers a wide variety of community made goods including clothing, jewelry, hula hoops and more. It’s much better than your daily trip to the mall, so take advantage of the opportunity and get some of the best goods of the year. Some old food vending favorites and a handful of new ones will be preparing meals for us at LIB this year. You can expect a wide variety of organic vegetarian food choices to enjoy throughout the festival. 3 meals a day, consider it covered!

??? This is an all ages event, anyone under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

??? Underage drinking and illegal drug use is NOT permitted! Non-compliance with this could jeopardize the future of LIB.

??? Amplified sound is not permitted in camping areas! Please leave your sound systems at home.

??? Dogs and other pets are NOT allowed. If you show up with a dog, you will not be admitted into the event. Elephants and giraffes are ok.

??? LIB is STRONGLY encouraging pre-cycled trash and pack-it-in/pack-it-out practices for the weekend. Less trash really does equal more fun!

??? Since there are no lifeguards on duty and there is also a no-drowning rule at LIB, absolutely NO ONE is allowed in the river! Individuals caught in the river may be fined by the rangers on site and could jeopardize LIB???s ability to use the location in the future.

??? LIB guests with allergies (and those without) should be aware that there are bees, wasps, poison oak, and the occasional rattlesnake at the location.

Have fun! See you at Lightning in a Bottle!

May 11, 2008
Comments Off on Soprano Diva Marisa Lenhardt

Soprano Diva Marisa Lenhardt

Soprano Diva Marisa Lenhardt

One of my favorite people in the world just happens to be one of the most talented opera singers known to humanity. Diva Marisa Lenhardt not only delivers the sonic goods, but she’s incredibly easy on the eyes as she effortlessly performs feats of aural magic and beauty.

The piece had a rarefied, otherwordly quality that Lenhardt drew out with soaring ease.

Mark Mardon
Bay Area Reporter

Listen, Look, and Learn

Listen to Diva Marisa Sing

  • Treat your ears to the sounds of an angel.

Watch Diva Marisa Perform

  • Feast your eyes the a divine visage.

Learn from Diva Marisa

  • Learn to find your own voice, guided by the heaven sent…


Our sincere appreciation goes to Marisa, who thrilled the record 62,428 fans in attendance with her lovely soprano voice. We hope to see more of Marisa in the future.

Mary Barnes
Raiderettes Director Nov. 8, 2000

Apr 26, 2008
Comments Off on Wilderness Skills Training Camp Out

Wilderness Skills Training Camp Out

Wilderness Skills Review Overnight Camp
Saturday, May 17, 2008
10 am Shangri-La

wilderness skills You are invited to participate. After a short condensed class here (at Shangri-La in Topanga Canyon), we’ll car-pool to Zuniga and hike in to the private land in the center of Red Rock Canyon State Park for our overnight campout. Overnight camping is not allowed in the surrounding park, and almost no one knows that this 40 acres is private (owned by a close friend), so we have the whole area to ourselves. In addition to the Big Shade???s propane fire (see photo ??? classified as a barbeque for fire regulations), wilderness survival skills our multi-person shelter ‘club-house’ built by previous classes, also has a legal propane central fire. These are both great to sit around and talk, take pictures, and imagine tribal times and activities.

Beautiful Red Rock Canyon

survival skills trainingThere are a number of small dry clean sandy caves in the area that are just the right size for one or two people to sleep in. I suggest you bring everything you normally would for camping out, and then if you want to improvise so you don???t need pieces of it, great. Otherwise, just getting out there in a comfortable sleeping bag is stretch enough for most people.

Please bring your own lunch for Saturday, and pot luck contributions for an evening meal Saturday and for breakfast Sunday, as well as any snacks you might want. We???ll light a charcoal barbeque Saturday night, and I???ll bring steaks (we can visualize that our trapping was a success). The moon will be almost full.

What Will Be Reviewed?

  • Class 1 – Shelters, Debris Bed, Make a Lean-to
    • Fire Methods 1
  • Class 2 – Drinking Water, Edible and Useful Plants
  • Class 3 – Refurbishing Our Multi-Person Shelter
    • Drinking Water 2
    • Fire Methods 2
  • Class 4 – Hunting, Trapping, Cleaning, and Cooking Wildlife
    • (with Practicum)
    • Fire Methods 3
  • Class 5 – Make Cordage, Tools, Weapons, and Implements
    • Fire Methods 4
  • Class 6 – Keeping Your Bearings, Navigation
    • Communications
    • Signals
    • Knots
  • Class 7 – Creating Your Survival Kits, Caches
    • Home Survival Retreat
    • Course Review
  • Class 8 – Overnight Campout, Practicum

Checklist of items you might want to bring:

knife, water, sun-hat, jacket, food, bowl, cup, spoon, small flashlight, compass, camera, sleeping bag and mat, ground cloth, small tarp, 2-Qt. pee bottle/jar/can, flip-flops, and a pack to carry it all in. If you don???t have any of these items, I have a few extras of everything, so call to reserve anything you???d like to borrow.

I???ll also bring a big cooking pot, spatula, big spoon, paper towels, wet-wipes, eight family-band walky-talkies, extra nylon cord, shovel, ax, and first aid kit.

Cost is on a sliding scale about $30 per person with no one turned away for lack of funds.

To register, and for answers to any questions, contact William or phone at 310-455-0980

Oct 5, 2007
Comments Off on Kung Fu Sabre Classes for Fire Performers

Kung Fu Sabre Classes for Fire Performers

Kung Fu Sabre Classes for Fire Performers w/ Firegroove

Beginning October 6, 2007

Kung Fu Fire Sabre: Beginning and Intermediate

Instructor: Anna Maltese

This fun and intense intro-level class is designed for fire performers of all levels and offers a comprehensive education in the basics of Kung Fu Sabre (broadsword), with special emphasis on training in stances, poise, and flow. The class also covers the origins and history; it’s techniques, aspects, and parts; as well as proper handling and sword etiquette. The 1 1/2 – hour classes begin with a half-hour warm-up period of chi kung for training in proper breathing, stretching and meditation techniques in order to cultivate the strength, flexibility and proper mindset necessary for learning the martial arts.

The 7 – week course will move through basic stances and movement drills to more complex techniques of striking and parrying. The course will also cover fire sabre safety, including proper methods of dipping, lighting, and extinguishing. At the end of the course students will have learned and be able to perform a basic fire sabre set, and will have the opportunity to purchase their own fire sabre at a discounted price.

Kung fu is the mother of all other martial arts. Beautiful and flowing, yet kinetic and powerful, it is a truly exhilarating art form upon which to build a skill set in fire performance.

Dance Studio No. 1

~Santa Monica~
2037 Granville Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Classes Available:
OCT 6th – NOV 18th
NOV 27th – FEB 3rd (canceled 12/15 – 1/5)

Sundays – 3:45 – 5:15 PM

If you have any questions, please visit





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