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May 11, 2008
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Soprano Diva Marisa Lenhardt

Soprano Diva Marisa Lenhardt

One of my favorite people in the world just happens to be one of the most talented opera singers known to humanity. Diva Marisa Lenhardt not only delivers the sonic goods, but she’s incredibly easy on the eyes as she effortlessly performs feats of aural magic and beauty.

The piece had a rarefied, otherwordly quality that Lenhardt drew out with soaring ease.

Mark Mardon
Bay Area Reporter

Listen, Look, and Learn

Listen to Diva Marisa Sing

  • Treat your ears to the sounds of an angel.

Watch Diva Marisa Perform

  • Feast your eyes the a divine visage.

Learn from Diva Marisa

  • Learn to find your own voice, guided by the heaven sent…


Our sincere appreciation goes to Marisa, who thrilled the record 62,428 fans in attendance with her lovely soprano voice. We hope to see more of Marisa in the future.

Mary Barnes
Raiderettes Director Nov. 8, 2000

May 28, 2007
Comments Off on Learn to Drum in Los Angeles

Learn to Drum in Los Angeles

Summer???s here and it???s time to brush up on your drumming chops (or get some in the first place). There???s fire dancers to drum for, beach burns to jam at, and getting ready to make it into the drummers collective and perform with the L.A. fire conclave. If you???ve ever had the interest to learn how to drum now is the time! We???ve been going strong for 5 years running, come join us and find out why. Beginners welcome.

???Universal Drumming???

Every Wednesday Night !!

with Renown World Percussionist & Teacher

(Naked Rhythm, Electric Skychurch)

Master drumming instructor Alex Spurkel

There???s no experience necessary and we provide drums as well. Drumming is fun, expressive, and centering, and we cover drumming styles from all around the world including Africa, Brazil and the Middle-East.


  • – it???s exhilarating and centering
  • – lose yourself in the moment
  • – primal, creative, expression
  • – experience the energy of the group
  • – AND???it just goes great with FIRE!


  • – Universally applicable hand drumming techniques
  • – African, Middle-Eastern, Latin, Western and improv rhythms
  • – Polyrhythms (group playing with multiple parts)
  • – Exercises to strengthen your timing, technique, and speed
  • – Improvisation & Soloing
  • – you will be amazed at what you can do after 4 short weeks!

** Drums provided ** — NO EXPERIENCE OR DRUM NECESSARY!!

COST: $50 for 4-class session (or $15 for single class drop-ins)

BURNER SPECIAL! – Mention you’re a burner and get $10 off a 4-class session in June.

WHEN: Every Wednesday night 7:30pm-8:45pm


For more info, to RSVP, or to enroll please visit the Universal Drumming website.

Best wishes,
Alex of Universal Drumming

Apr 20, 2007
Comments Off on An Afternoon of Ecstasy for the Ladies

An Afternoon of Ecstasy for the Ladies

Sensuality of Sisterhood
An Esquisite Afternoon for Women

April 28, 2007

11am – 3pm

An afternoon of ecstasy for the ladies with Marla Leigh, Jaqui Lalita and Charu Morgan

Throughout time, women have gathered to dance and drum in celebration of femininity, sensuality and sisterhood.
Guided by intuition, women have moved to the rhythms of the moon and danced to unheard melodies of the cosmic choir.
Using sacred drumming and the sensual art of belly dancing to awaken dormant feminine energy,
we will activate and empower ourselves and each other to walk through life in our full goddess power. Through undulating, shimmying, drumming and dreaming, we will unleash out inherent sensuality and bask in the support and love of sisterhood.

Nothing speaks to a woman’s sensuality more then chocolate, and we will have “chocolate medicine mama Jacqui” teaching us the how to prepare her famous raw chocolate healing fudge.
Using the highest vibration raw superfoods, Jacqui will lead us on a blissful “Chocolate Meditation” to the cosmos.
Also, Charu Morgan will guide us in a healing Tantra mediation.


  • Euphoria Company
  • Beauty and Wisdom
  • 2307 Main Street
  • Venice, CA

More info at

Apr 7, 2007
Comments Off on Learn How to Produce Electronic Music

Learn How to Produce Electronic Music

sae logo

4.9.07 ::: START OF EMP
Electronic Music Production program at SAE!

Taught by Henry Strange and dj Origin (Ryan Kull) ??? STARTS APRIL 9TH

EMP (Electronic Music Production) Course is a 6 month program that happens every Monday and Wednesday night from 6 to 9pm.

The EMP Course will teach you everything you need to know to produce electronic music. The program covers a broad range of software and hardware such as Reason, Ableton Live, Logic, Native Instruments soft synths, Access Virus, and much more! The program also covers synthesis and sampling so you will learn to create all original sounds for your compositions. Taught by veteran dance music producer Dj Origin (Ryan Kull) and veteran electronic artist/film composer Henry Strange.

Sign up today, Call 323-466-6323 and come for a visit of our facilites!

Visit for costs and more information

Students receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

The program is split into 4 sections:

SECTION 1 – Electronic Music Fundamentals

  • – History of Electronic Music
  • – Defining Genres
  • – Audio Fundamentals
  • – Equipment & Software
  • – Music Theory
  • – Djing

SECTION 2 – Composing and Recording Electronic Music

  • – MIDI Fundamentals
  • – Sequencing in Reason
  • – Performing with Ableton Live
  • – Recording in Logic
  • – Basic Signal Processing
  • – Rhythm Programming

SECTION 3 – Synthesis and Sampling

  • – Generating custom sounds
  • – Understanding synthesizers
  • – Sampling Techniques
  • – Instrument Sampling
  • – Loop slicing and manipulation
  • – Customizing presets

SECTION 4 – Mixing, Mastering, The Business

  • – Advance Signal Processing
  • – Using compression
  • – Arranging
  • – Mixing and Mastering
  • – Marketing and Promotions
  • – Internet and Distribution




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