Jul 30, 2007

Lightning in a Bottle 2007 Photos by Curious Josh

A lovely Alien Faerie Goddess was just one of many wonderful visual treats at the Do Labs Lightning in a Bottle music and arts festival.

Alien Love Goddess

Have a look at the latest photo gallery provided by the always great Curious Josh, whose images always seem to capture the very essence of whatever event he’s attending.

Sez Josh:

Hi All!

I’ve finally thrown up my photos from Lightning in a Bottle!

And for those who know Mark Zabala, and Aubrey… pix from their Pajama birthday are up as well.


– Josh

Clicking on the image of the Alien Goddess above will take you directly to Josh’s Lightning in a Bottle 2007 photo gallery. While you’re visiting Josh’s site, have a peek at his other galleries, too. Loads of fun. Just a nice reminder that we have some of the greatest events, the most colorful people, and the best parties right here in L.A. Pretty much all the time!

Thanx again, Josh!

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