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“Scrapper” – Awesome Documentary, Screenings at SF DocFest 2011

Scrapper: Mortar fire

An Explosive Documentary

Driven by grit and greed, adrenaline and hunger, crystal meth and scripture, a defiant group of desert survivalists risk their lives scavenging the lethal but lucrative wastes of war in the kill zones of a US military bombing range near the Mexican border.Scrapper: Missile Crew Loading Ordnance

Screenings at the SF DocFest

documentary screeningThe San Francisco DocFest takes place October 14 through 26 and Scrapper will have three screenings:  the first two will be at the historic Roxy Theater, Friday Oct. 14 at 7.15pm and Monday Oct 17 at 9.30 pm.  The third screening will be Wednesday Oct 19 at 2.45pm in Berkeley at the Shattuck cinemas, adjacent to the campus.An Explosive Documentary

I wrote about this excellent documentary a while back, but since then there has been great momentum building for filmmaker Stephan Wassmann’s amazing documentary. This unique movie has been making the rounds at various film festivals around the world, garnering much praise and being invited as an Official Selection at the 2011 Durango Film Festival and the 2011 Slamdance Film Festival, and winning the Spirit Award at the 2011 Brooklyn Film Festival, winner of the  Royal Reel Award at the 2011 Canada International Film Festival, and the Winner of the 2011 Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

Watch the All New “Scrapper” Trailer on YouTube

“Scrapper” Screening Schedule:

  1. Friday October 14 at the Historic Roxy Theatre @ 7:15pm
  2. Monday October 17 at the historic Roxy Theatre @ 9:30pm
  3. Wednesday October 19 at the Shattuck Cinemas @ 2:45pm in Berkeley (adjacent to the campus)

Scrapper documentary: Into the Kill ZoneCheck the link to the SFDocFest page where you can get screening and location information and even purchase tickets online if you’d like.

Please Support Struggling Filmmakers

If you happen to be in San Francisco during these dates in October, please consider supporting filmmaker Stephan Wassmann and treat yourself to a really great documentary experience while helping support a talented filmmaker to achieve his goals and dreams.

Visit the Scrapper Facebook page.

Jan 30, 2011

Help Fund the Burning Man Coffee Table Book

I just found this on the excellent KickStarter website, which helps people get the funding for their creative projects.

Visit the Kickstarter website and help fund this worthy project. And while you’re at it, why not come up with a project of your own and use the Kickstarter website to help raise funds to make it real!

The “People of Burning Man Coffee Table Book” project in particular resonated with me. Here’s an excerpt from the Kickstarter website that describes a little bit about the project:

Whether or not you’ve ever been to that thing in the desert, this book is designed to be your counter culture spirit guide.

We spent about a decade documenting the people and culture of Burning Man. We got a grant from the Internet Archive to print the photos, and we hand bound them into books. Those 100 copies are long gone. Chances are that you will never acquire one. There were never enough to go around. So, here is your chance. Actually, here is our chance, as a community, because if we don’t publish it now, we probably never will.

Julian Cash
People of Burning Man Coffee Table Book

This project will only be funded if at least $25,000 is pledged by Friday Mar 18, 7:30pm PDT. They’re almost there! Your contribution will help. Not only will you feel great that you helped something so cool to become real in our world, but you’ll also receive a reward of some sort, such as a free book, a signed copy of the book, and more, depending on the amount of your contribution. Check the page for this project for all the details.

Lightning in a Bottle 2010 Videos

Lightning in a Bottle 2010

A fun little reminder of things of the recent past, and things yet to come… The Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival sets the bar high for what a festival should be. Every year it gets better. Amazing music, live art with silent bidding. Great, wholesome foods, and health and wellness in the form of yoga, meditation and exploration of the depths of spirituality if that’s your thing.

Don’t miss Lightning in a Bottle! Takes place over Memorial Day weekend every year. Check the LiB website for more info, lovely photos and video. Connect with this amazing community. Your life will be changed for the better.

Jan 10, 2010

Blown Glass Plasma and Argon Gas Art – Blows!
Glass, that is! And Plasma and Argon!

Plasma bongThe other January 9th birthday I mentioned in a previous post is a bit more significant and personal, as it is the day that a very dear friend of mine was born, for which I am eternally grateful and thankful.

An astonishing guitar player in his own right, but also an accomplished artist… a one-of-a-kind artist at that.

Rick Zar is the Man!

Rick grew up in an artistic environment in San Pedro, California, with his influential step-father artist Jimmy Zar, well-known for is amazing oil paintings, and his younger brother Chet Zar, who left his mark in Hollywood, but has branched way out beyond the confines of the silver screen.

The Devil’s Apprentice…
or at least the mad scientist’s protégé

Rick Zar used to work for the amazing mad scientist Larry Albright in Venice Beach. Larry Albright was well-known for building contraptions based on Nikola Tesla’s theories. At one point in time, he was the only person on the planet doing what he does. Tesla's Lab(Go to the video at the end of this posting to watch and listen to a clip of Larry Albright).

Pioneering in blown-glass contraptions known as Crackle Tubes and Lightning Globes, and holding the world record for having built the smallest neon art for the Francis Ford Coppola movie “One From the Heart”. Also having created installations for Stephen Speilberg’s “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, building custom pieces for Michael Jackson, and a long list of other amazing, unique works of art that have found their way all over the planet.

Argon gas will make you smile
Art to Light Up Your Life

Let’s focus for a moment on this latest artistic venture,… an artistic endeavor which took a lifetime to achieve. It had to. Necessary were the many years of accumulated specialized skills and esoteric knowledge in order to be able to pull off the amazing feats of artistry currently being unleashed into the world.

Be the first kid on your block to have one of these one-of-a-kind blown-art Plasma and Argon gas glowing art pieces in your home. No one, but NO one on the planet does this.

There is only one man capable of making these unique artistic beauties. There are a few who have tried, but where they have all failed in their attempts, Rick succeeds because of his sheer mastery of the craft. He is wizard-like in his abilities. It’s a magick that only he knows how to manipulate to full effect.

Plasma Pipes at

Get Your Plasma Art Now!

Retailers all over the country are ordering these babies up. Each art piece is custom, hand-made by the artist. Why pay retail prices when you can get wholesale prices here! Just tell him that Twan sent you! Enjoy the sample photos on this site (which don’t do them justice). You got to see them to believe it.

Be sure to visit the website to order yours now and for more info. *

*All glass is sold solely as art. However, you must be 18 years old to view the contents of this website or to purchase products.

YouTube Video of Plasma Pipes in Motion


Jun 12, 2008

Thank You from Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle 2008 photo by Curious Josh

A Thank You from Forever for LiB

It’s been two weeks since LIB and we can still hardly believe what we got to see and experience and learn under those oak trees. We keep hearing the echoes of beats. We keep seeing flashes of so many radiant smiling faces. We keep feeling the ground shake with the magnificent force of daring minds and dancing feet. We are forever grateful.

It is YOU who helped to make LIB08 a truly life-changing experience, and for this we offer our gratitude not just with words, but with images! Check out the faces on the LIB08 Thank You page, and add your own. ~ Pass it on…

The Lightning in a Bottle
Producers and Crew

Much Lightning in a Bottle Photos and Video to See

Visit the LiB website for a non-stop treat of visual snacks… It’ll make you cry for joy… and eager for next year!

DAK’s Burning Man 2007 Photos

Hey Folks…
I’ve been back three weeks, and attempting to get this album edited and uploaded, in between so many other projects. Let me just introduce it with a few words.

It was an amazing experience (as always). Extremes of many sorts- weather (huge dust storms and heat), wonderful people (a record attendance of 47k!), mind-blowing art (178 installations), music (Underworld, Oakenfold +++), incredible structures (well…I’m gonna let the pictures say the rest).

At the end, we took a brief stopover in Lake Tahoe (showers, fine food and a real bed, oh my!)

Enjoy it here:????Burning Man 2007??

)i(?? DAK?? )i(





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