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Killer Party Pix by Curious Josh

Thank you, Josh, for all the wonderful photos that you just keep on taking and sharing. They always capture the spirit of the best events on the planet. Keep them coming!


Lost Toys Hipgenesis Party 2006

A message from Josh:

To give you an idea about how AMAZING Lost toys was… I’m still too much in recovery mode to even THINK about writing a witty intro, and it’s halfway through Monday… 🙂 also, most of the friends are surprisingly quiet this Monday…. methinks that just about everybody is still recovering from this one!

What a party. Talk about everyone stepping up their game, Wolfie and hipgenesis did an amazing job on this one, the RLD lounge and dj’s… WOW! and performing was a blast!! 🙂 I hope everyone enjoyed the show, as much as we enjoyed performing.

And then, we all went to Lynnsane’s birthday afterparty! I don’t even think most people are going to wake up until Tuesday.

And if that’s not enough… photos are also up from SantaCon, and The Forbidden City! Big thanks to the SantaCon organizers for an amazing time, and Ninja Skillz for setting up an amazing Forbidden City in a downtown bar…

all photos are up at


Curious Josh Shares His Pics

Sexy Bitches like it RAW! Raw Food, Raw Music, and RAW FUN at the Sexy Bitches like it Raw fundraiser, and definitely sexy sexy people with the feathers and leather in full effect (fleather! 🙂

~AND~ I realized that I never posted about these 2 galleries going up!

Photos are now up from 2 birthdays… Monica’s b-day party at space island, and evoLOUtion (a few photos, but you get to see Lou blow out his birthday cake!)
and there will be a bunch-o new galleries going up over the next week 🙂

Many Galleries up at


Lucent Delirium Photos by Paynie

Last week, our fine friends at The Do Lab had invited captain of shenanigans Steve Payne to take some photographs at their recent Lucent Delirium event in downtown L.A. The results are excellent. Have a look at these party portraits. Some mighty fine looking people, captured in the moment, in all their glory. The Do Labs and their extendened family of fun loving freeques throw down some of the best events anywhere…. Have a look at these photos and ask yourself if there’s anywhere else you’d rather be…

Lucent Delirium pic

Paynie says that you should feel free to grab any pics for Tribe and MySpace uses at will. He thanks you for your participation and wishes you a very festive holiday season.

As an added bonus, you can purchase actual prints at:-

L.A. Burning Man Decompression Pix by Paynie

Better late than never! Feel free to enjoy this photo gallery from the Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Street Faire, provided by Paynie:

L.A. Decom Fire Art

Paynie’s L.A. Decom Pix

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