Sep 23, 2011

The 20 Year Regathering of Legendary L.A. After Hours Underground Party Flammable Liquid

Flammable Liquid Underground L.A. After Hours Party

The Return of Flammable Liquid

L.A.’s Original After Hours Party

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

This Saturday night, September 24th, is the 20 year regathering of the legendary Flammable Liquid, which was the first of its kind L.A. underground after hours party during the early 1990s. Read more about my personal experiences from those early years below.

A little history about Flammable Liquid:

The Past:
Flam was born in early 1991 during the nascent L.A. underground party scene. Being an insider from the starting gate, I was fortunate to have been able to contribute to the formation of the local underground scene in some small way (which ultimately ended up leading me to become the L.A. Burning Man regional director years later). The experience was extraordinary and changed my life forever.


The Underground as Secret Society:
In those early years, being part of the underground was kind of like being a member of a secret society. Not many people knew about it, but enough to ensure that there were enough bodies to make it fantastic. The underground was the only place where you could find the kind of electronic dance and house music which is now ubiquitous and seemingly inescapable. There was no electronic dance music available at the record stores. You couldn’t find it on any radio station. It’s as though it didn’t exist. Except it did. Big time. But only within this hidden, secret world. If felt incredibly special and unique to be involved in this vibrant, exciting, hedonistic underworld, raging right under the noses of an unsuspecting mainstream, commercialized world. In discovering this world, I had found my people…

Dance Floor Catharsis:
Of all the events in those early years that I was either directly or indirectly involved with, or simply a party-goer, Flammable Liquid was one of the most memorable. Flam was the first of its kind after hours party in Los Angeles. It started at 3:00am on Sunday morning and went until people left, sometimes well into Sunday afternoon. It was epic. People were tribal dancing with streams of tears running down their faces. Total catharsis on the dance floor and good, good vibes. Always held in a new location almost every Sunday. Usually totally illegal (almost all underground parties in the early years were illegal). No permits. No authorization. Complete renegade party production. Living on the edge and living large. It was an exciting way to live. Without Flammable Liquid’s early influence on things to come, the Los Angeles After Hours Party Scene might not have been as cool as it was.

Flammable Liquid went on from early in 1991, and ended in September 1992. Years that I will never forget.

The Future:
Now… flash-forward 20 years…. Baba Lou (who is the founder of Flammable, who was only 20 years old when he started it) and co-founder DJ Doc Martin, have gotten back together with their old colleagues to have one more raging one-off. The 20 year regathering of Flammable Liquid.

Kick Ass DJ Line Up!
The same ones who rocked it back in the early 90’s

The same DJs who tore up the dance floor back then will be doing it again this Saturday, Sept. 24:

  • Doc Martin
  • Mark Lewis
  • Sean Perry
  • Barry Weaver
  • Steve Loria
  • Eli Star
  • Electric Skychurch (live performance)
  • Fido ReyRey
  • and more.

Trust me. You will be shaking your ass, fo sho!

Get in for Half Price by leaving a comment on this blog posting!!

If you’d like to get on the 1/2 price list, write a comment in the space below this posting. I will then get in touch with you to add your name to the list. I have a limited amount of half price tickets to give out and this blog is not the only method I’m using for this special offer. So act quickly! You’ll get in for $30, which isn’t bad considering that pre-sales tickets are $50, which goes up to $60 on the day of the event. Please leave me a comment below and let’s get this party started!

The price of admission includes an open no-cost bar, which will continue serving drinks until 1:30am.

There will be NO tickets sold at the door. Presale tickets only. Get yours now before it’s too late!

I hope to see you there!

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