TwansList Contest Winner Jennifer Mann Reviews the Richard Cheese Show

It’s True..! It’s True..! Dreams Do Come True!

Just ask the winners of the TwansList Comment Contest

This past Tuesday night March 20th 2007, the only two people to enter the TwansList Comment contest won free tickets to the Richard Cheese show at the Derby. The lucky winners were accompanied to the show by Twan and infamous underground radio and music legend Brother Matt. To all you lazy slugs that didn’t play the simple game, thank you for being apathetic sloth children…. The two winners could not have been more perfect. It could have been a nightmare to have been accompanied by jaded, uninterested do-nothings anyway! Thanx to your lack of participation, MY evening turned out quite wonderful!

The two winners were Jennifer Mann, makeup artist for the film industry, and DustyPlaya Warren, a friend of mine (that I don’t get to see enough of) that just happened to play the game… See how easy that was: Two tickets, two players, two winners…. too much fun!

The four of us met at the Derby and proceeded to have nothing but fun. Laughed our butts off. Great conversations. Even almost got into a silly parking lot fight (uh…that would be me… hey, the guy was a dick… and I was slightly drunk, and not a very good drunk at that!).

Richard Cheese packed the house, and crooned the house to its knees. One of a kind. After the show was over, Warren invited us up to his beautiful new pad in the Hollywood Hills to continue the merriment and excellent conversation deep into the wee hours. Thank you for your kind hospitality, Warren! And thank you both for participating. You made it a night to remember!

Richard Cheese Lounge Against the Machine

Richard Cheese Review

by Jennifer Mann

” I got to see Richard Cheese on Tuesday at the world famous Derby in Los Feliz. I won this adventure by being the only person who entered it aside from one of Twan’s friends. How lucky was that?! We had a cheesy good time.

Most people have never heard of Richard Cheese, but they should. He is the Master of Lounge. He croons like the best of them. Dean Martin would be proud. Sammy Davis would have joined in with gusto. His shtick is taking the most unlikely of popular songs and converting them to lounge.

We were lucky this Tuesday because Richard Cheese was at his cheesiest. He was filming this show, so he was singing everything ??? Pussy, Another Brick in the Wall, the theme to Three???s Company, the Clorox Bleach jingle, and many, many more. He sauntered on stage in a tuxedo and of course he had a martini glass in hand. His suave and debonair ways transformed the Derby into a twisted lounge.

You haven???t lived until you???ve heard Richard Cheese cover Me So Horny, and Insane in the Brain. I think everyone reading this should go to his web site and check out his music. will tell you everything about the man, his band, and of course ??? how to buy his cd???s. You can also find Richard Cheese on Watching an extremely white, chubby, middle aged man croon anything by Snoop Doggy Dog is something everyone should experience at least once in life.

We all had a fabulous evening.”

Jennifer Mann

I hope to have more giveaways in the near future. Try and play along.

Until next time…


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