May 7, 2007

20,000 Get Naked in Public in Mexico City

Artist Spencer Tunick Photographs
20,000 Naked People in Mexico

Spencer Tunick is well known around the world as the artist/photographer that somehow magically convinces thousands of people to shed their clothing in very public city spaces, like his recent foray to Mexico City:

Spencer Tunic in Mexico City 2

He aligns everyone to suit his particular human palette for the day:

Spencer Tunic in Mexico City 1

And finally he arranges them artistically for the photo session:

Spencer Tunic in Mexico City 3

Spencer Tunick has done this type of thing all over the world (he even did one at Burning Man in 1999), and has been arrested numerous times for indulging in his particular form of artistic expression. Mr. Tunick’s body of work is quite amazing and unique.

And the world’s a better place for it.

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