Apr 26, 2008
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Wilderness Skills Training Camp Out

Wilderness Skills Review Overnight Camp
Saturday, May 17, 2008
10 am Shangri-La

wilderness skills You are invited to participate. After a short condensed class here (at Shangri-La in Topanga Canyon), we’ll car-pool to Zuniga and hike in to the private land in the center of Red Rock Canyon State Park for our overnight campout. Overnight camping is not allowed in the surrounding park, and almost no one knows that this 40 acres is private (owned by a close friend), so we have the whole area to ourselves. In addition to the Big Shade???s propane fire (see photo ??? classified as a barbeque for fire regulations), wilderness survival skills our multi-person shelter ‘club-house’ built by previous classes, also has a legal propane central fire. These are both great to sit around and talk, take pictures, and imagine tribal times and activities.

Beautiful Red Rock Canyon

survival skills trainingThere are a number of small dry clean sandy caves in the area that are just the right size for one or two people to sleep in. I suggest you bring everything you normally would for camping out, and then if you want to improvise so you don???t need pieces of it, great. Otherwise, just getting out there in a comfortable sleeping bag is stretch enough for most people.

Please bring your own lunch for Saturday, and pot luck contributions for an evening meal Saturday and for breakfast Sunday, as well as any snacks you might want. We???ll light a charcoal barbeque Saturday night, and I???ll bring steaks (we can visualize that our trapping was a success). The moon will be almost full.

What Will Be Reviewed?

  • Class 1 – Shelters, Debris Bed, Make a Lean-to
    • Fire Methods 1
  • Class 2 – Drinking Water, Edible and Useful Plants
  • Class 3 – Refurbishing Our Multi-Person Shelter
    • Drinking Water 2
    • Fire Methods 2
  • Class 4 – Hunting, Trapping, Cleaning, and Cooking Wildlife
    • (with Practicum)
    • Fire Methods 3
  • Class 5 – Make Cordage, Tools, Weapons, and Implements
    • Fire Methods 4
  • Class 6 – Keeping Your Bearings, Navigation
    • Communications
    • Signals
    • Knots
  • Class 7 – Creating Your Survival Kits, Caches
    • Home Survival Retreat
    • Course Review
  • Class 8 – Overnight Campout, Practicum

Checklist of items you might want to bring:

knife, water, sun-hat, jacket, food, bowl, cup, spoon, small flashlight, compass, camera, sleeping bag and mat, ground cloth, small tarp, 2-Qt. pee bottle/jar/can, flip-flops, and a pack to carry it all in. If you don???t have any of these items, I have a few extras of everything, so call to reserve anything you???d like to borrow.

I???ll also bring a big cooking pot, spatula, big spoon, paper towels, wet-wipes, eight family-band walky-talkies, extra nylon cord, shovel, ax, and first aid kit.

Cost is on a sliding scale about $30 per person with no one turned away for lack of funds.

To register, and for answers to any questions, contact William or phone at 310-455-0980

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