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Nov 17, 2006
Comments Off on The Do Lab present “Lucent Delirium” !

The Do Lab present “Lucent Delirium” !

~Lucent Delirium~ Nov. 18th

The Do Lab presents Lucent Delirium

On Saturday November 18th, The Do LaB unleashes their latest extravaganza ???Lucent Delirium??? in Downtown L.A. This sexy tribal affair will be a feast for all the senses.

  • The dripping bass and thunderous beats of Bassnectar and a slew of DJs from the West Coast underground will move your feet and soul.
  • Lucent Dossier Vaudeville Cirque will stir your inner fire with their mesmerizing performance of the Forbidden Om.

Lucent Dossier

  • The art will abound throughout the night with a gallery curated by Mike Russek of Downtown???s Transport Gallery, large-scale art installation by Shrine, and live creation by Carlos Vera.
  • Skin.Graft Designs will be sure to inspire awe with a sensual fashion show that’s the cutting edge of tribal couture.

It’s gonna get too hot to handle, and when it does icy treats will be on hand from the infamous Ice Cream Man.

Music, performance, fashion, and art…Lucent Delirium will truly be a Twisted Tribal Affair.

Nov 11, 2006
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Solids presents Momentum

SOLIDS present MOMENTUM, A sculptural arts Exhibition

Opening Saturday, Nov 11th, 2006 doors open 7:00 pm till late

Hours open during the month Wed., Thru., Fri. 1:00pm to 6:00pm, open during all weekend events.

Closing Saturday, Dec 9th, 2006 doors open 7:00 pm till late

Los Angeles, CA

Momentum 2006

Founded at the dawn of the new millennium, Los Angeles based “Solids” is a collective of sculptors who have joined together to create a body of imaginative, conceptually driven works of art inspired by unified, show specific themes. Initially a group of twelve artists, Solids has grown into a touring group art show with a vast array of artists and performers as well as a strong following of collectors. The group endeavors to continually expand and explore the boundaries of multimedia art, focusing on untethered personal expression from new and emerging artists. Solids always strive to constantly redefine possibilities.

The sculpture troupe offers opportunities for inspiration and awakening using new perspectives on craft, design, and material applications as conduits for social awareness. Our shows include a range of disciplines including fine art, sculpture, installation, conceptual pieces, video, performance, painting, photography, music, and furniture to architectural installation. Solids has been staging large scale, multi-media art exhibitions at venues such as the Pacific Design Center, “The Space??? downtown, the 4016 Gallery at Sunset Junction, and LA Art fest in 2005.

Solids events draw a vast, diverse audience of characters, collectors, and artists who converge at our openings and mid-show gatherings. Our events, which have been featured in the Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles City Beat, are open salons for experienced performance artists and musicians who gather to create rarely seen performances met with lasting acclaim. Emerging from the underground Solids has attracted talent and enthusiasts who have witnessed the group???s evolution.

The upcoming Solids show “Momentum,” is a collaborative lens focusing on positive forward movement into the new millennium. Expanding our latest exhibition into the downtown Los Angeles “Bedlam” Warehouse space, to be filled by thirty five of our artist members, the show will be our seventh and largest event thus far. Bedlam will become a multi- floor gallery space staffed by Solids Artists throughout the run of the show. We look forward to an invigorating gala opening filled with music, dance, live sculpture, and ongoing performance art pieces.


  • Saturday, Nov. 11th, 2006 to Dec 9th, 2006


  • 7:00 pm, performances begin at 8:00pm, ends late


  • $5.00 suggested donation


  • Secure parking provided across the street, FREE



  • 310-358-3681


  • Dec 9th, 2006, doors open at 7:00 pm (Click here to see the flyer)

4% of sales will go to the Wolakota Foundation, an Indigenous American organization.

For more information or to interview any of the artists please contact Gregg Emmel, 310-578-2254 or


  • Scott Bailey, Sculpture
  • Claudio Banzer, Sculpture
  • David Buckingham, , Sculpture
  • Jim Bunkelman, Sculpture
  • Brian Carlson, Sculpture
  • Tracey Corinne, Sculpture
  • Christian the Blacksmith, Sculpture
  • Geoffery Dimmick, Sculpture
  • Robert Drummond, Sculpture, Installations Video Installations
  • Senta Edesa, Sculpture
  • Gregg Emmel, Egg; Sculpture, Painting, Installations, & Performance art
  • Roger Fojas, Sculpture and Performance art
  • John Gibbon, Sculpture
  • David Hollen, Sculpture
  • Peat Ibarra, Sculpture
  • Brennon Kaye, Sculpture
  • Maria Leon, Sculpture
  • Maria L??wenstein, Sculpture
  • Mac Maker, Sculpture, Mixed Media Painting, & Installations
  • Sophie Neudorfer, Sculpture, Mixed Media, & Installations
  • Junya Oishi, Installation Architecture
  • James Peterson, Sculpture, Painting, Installations, & Costumes
  • Pat Quinn, Sculpture
  • Simone Schulz, Sculpture
  • Billie Shane, Architectural Sculpture
  • Jessica Shokrian, Sculpture
  • Brian Tortora, Sculpture, Installations, Performance art
  • Andie Villafane, Sculpture
  • Mark Weatherbe, Sculpture
  • Jerico Woggon, Sculpture
  • Mark Yates, Sculpture
  • June Yuer / Micheal Allen, Sculpture


  • The Compositors, Live Sculpting; ???Maker, James Peterson, Maria Leon
  • Leticia Castaneda, subvocal, Experimental
  • Rev???d up Cello, Brian Carlson, Experimental Music
  • Genres, Egg, Monikah Barriga, Ronica, Performance Art
  • Leather Corndog, Crushing Art
  • L.A. MUDPEOPLE, Experimental Art
  • Joan of Art, Experimental Art
  • Stobo, Experimental Music
  • Big Bone Lick, Ronica Fields, Experimental Music
  • Spanked by an Angel, ??? Ellie Davis, Theater
  • Lucent Dossier, Roger Fojas, Experimental Dance
  • Lickwid Owsley, ??? Barry Conley and Billy Stobo, Experimental Music
  • Pop en la Moda, Amanda Staples and Chachin, Experimental Music
  • Yuri Levitas, Experimental Music

MOMENTUM performance schedule


  • 8:30 Compositors- Live Sculpting
  • 9:00 Quiet time
  • 9:30 Compositors- Live Sculpting
  • 10:00 Leather Corndog – Crushing
  • 10:30 Joan of Art- Performance
  • 11:00 Big Bone Lick- Music
  • 11:45 Lucent Dossier-Dance
  • 12:00 Stobo- Music
  • 1:00 Pop en la Moda-Music
  • 2:00 Jam till they ask us to leave

L.A. MUDPEOPLE will be in exploration downstairs at times between 9 & 11.


  • 8:00 Rev???d up Cello
  • 8:30 Spanked by an Angel- theater
  • 9:00 Genres ???performance art
  • 9:40 Quite time
  • 10:10 Lickwid Owsley
  • 11:00 Leticia – subvocal
  • 12:00 Yuri
  • 1:00 Jam- Improvise have fun till there ask us to leave.
Oct 29, 2006
Comments Off on L.A. Bridge Improvement Program Seeks Artists

L.A. Bridge Improvement Program Seeks Artists

The Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs is looking for as many as 30 artists to participate in the Bureau of Engineering’s Bridge Improvements Program, which will renovate or restore several vehicle, railroad, bicycle and grade separation bridges in and around Downtown Los Angeles.

  • Across the city, more than 80 bridges require seismic improvement or total replacement, and the department is looking to assemble a pool of artists to dress up the bridges’ concrete railings, lighting and sidewalks, among other elements.
  • Individual design budgets are expected to cost from $4,000 to $10,000 and, in some cases, artists may be contracted to fabricate and install their designs.
  • Since many of the bridges span the Los Angeles River, artists interested in the waterway’s revitalization are particularly encouraged to apply.

More information is available on the Culture L.A. website or by calling Becky Snodgrass at (213) 202-5544.

Aug 19, 2006
Comments Off on Opportunity in Italy for Artists

Opportunity in Italy for Artists

This looks like a great experience for an adventurous traveling artist. Have a look at their website. This would be an amazing way to spend some time indulging in your particular mode of artistry.


In our fifteenth year, The Abruzzi Mountain Workshop (Sep 27 – Oct 4) continues its innovative drawing/painting/mixed media program, IN VIAGGIO, on the intriguing island of ISCHIA. Situated in the Bay of Naples, it is known for its rich Greek origins, as well as its ancient thermal waters.

As in our other programs, we integrate the textures of Italy with mixed-media, collage & site specific work. We welcome both beginners and more experienced artists.

  • Mornings will be spent working from the hotel or in superb outdoor locations among cobbled streets, shaded piazzas and stunning Mediterranean promontories.
  • Afternoons will be available for island excursions and partaking of the lovely island spas.

The workshop will be conducted by Patricia Antonucci and Barbara Schaefer.
We are two New York based artists who have lived and worked extensively in Italy, joining our creative forces for a week of exciting and energizing approaches.

We can be reached by Tel:

212-260-7603 or 718-383-0624

or Email:

visit the website:





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