Happy Birthday Jimmy Page

ZOSO Jimmy PageThis is a day deserving of special mention. My long-time guitar hero Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin’s inimitable guitar wizard, celebrates his birthday on January 9th.

Jimmy Page magickally helped me to stay connected to the guitar. This is true even through the years that my own guitars sat alone, seemingly forgotten, rarely played… though in recent years they have been getting quite a bit of play. I’ve been intently learning some new tunes (check out Vanderbilly.com), the latest of which are “The Rain Song” and “Bron-yr-Aur“. Both of which are beautiful guitar ditties any guitarist would joy to diddle with!

It was also Jimmy Page that clued me into the Law of Thelema when I was a teenager. And, though he’s long since dead, I still say: Long Live the Great Beast Aleister Crowley! For these things and more, I am grateful that Sir James Patrick Page was born on January 9th, 1944.




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