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America’s Drug War & Ninja Bachelor Party Screenings

You’re invited to a double feature of

“America’s Drug War”


“Ninja Bachelor Party”

At the DRUID film Festival in Los Angeles CA.


American Drug War flyer


Sacred Cow Productions

Anyone who knows me is very familiar with the fact that I’m a huge fan of the late great, prophet, comedian, social commentarian Bill Hicks. No one has come close to the kind of truth and brutal honesty that Bill Hicks laid out on a day to day basis. Bill was a uniquely hilarious and gifted individual. In fact, I feel that one of my jobs in life is to Spread the Word of Bill. In that mission, I have remained true.

The filmmaker of the above featured film America’s Drug War is Kevin Booth, Bill’s best friend from childhood, and one of his business partners up until Bill’s unlikely and untimely death in 1994 at the young age of 32 (he died of pancreatic cancer). In fact, we just had the 13th anniversary of his passing on February 26th. It should be a national holiday. It is for me, anyway. Celebrate Bill’s life accordingly.

In any case, I hope you can make it to the screenings. It should be a hoot, and it’ll be good to give Kevin all the support I’m sure he could use! Plus, half of all the proceeds will be donated to “The Bill Hicks Foundation for Wild Life” (I love THAT play on words!)

Many thanx,


P.S. Click on the flier above to go to a great interview with Kevin Booth on Ain’t It Cool News. It’s a really good read.

Worker Protest at Burning Man Headquarters

More trouble for the Burning Man org. Or just a minor irritation…. You decide:

Watch the video

Worker Protest at Burning Man HQ

It’s a little bit disturbing… I hate to say it, but the people that came out of the Burning Man offices to “counter” the protesters (who seem to be expressing legitimate concerns), those people come across as complete kooks. I wonder if they had been put up to the task by their higher-ups…

Have a look and share your thoughts here.

L.A. Burning Man Town Hall Community Meeting

L.A. Burning Man Website Header





2pm – 6pm

This is what we hope to make the first of many meetings – come and share your hope, vision, ideas (but not yer flyers).

Interested in info about Singularity?
* Want to volunteer?
* Want volunteers?
* Feel like making your voice heard?
* Well, use our soapbox.

We’ll also be announcing our first LA-specific art grant, for an Icon at Singularity. Thinking caps on, please.

Here’re some links to the Burning Man’s mission statement

And the 10 principles

So bring your bad self, your bad-ass friends and your bad-ass dreams of what we can truly be.


Patrick (aka “Eleven”) Shearn
Los Angeles Burning Man Co-regional Director

Los Angeles Burning Man Town Hall Meeting

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

2 – 6pm

Abundant Sugar
618#A Moulton Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90031

oh please park on Moulton, Main, or the lot just in front of Abundant Sugar, and leave the main Brewery Lot to our patient and kind neighbors (that they might remain that way)

Do-Labs Respond to Lucent Delirium Venue Concerns

To all the attendees at Lucent Delirium,

We have heard the concerns raised about the Lucent Delirium venue, Club Soho, and fully recognize how valid they are. The Do LaB strives with each event to create an environment and experience of the highest caliber, that conveys our vision and inspires our community. In choosing a space we had never worked with before we took a risk, hoping to create something innovative with new surroundings.

Our own experience in working with Club Soho was frustrating from the moment production began. The space was still in the middle of reconstruction when we arrived onsite. We worked to transform the construction zone into a tribal wonderland in just a matter of hours, however, as doors opened it became apparent that our venue woes were not over. From over-aggressive security (who had been briefed in advance on the peaceful nature of the people in attendance), to the evident price gouging at the bar that was brought to our attention after the fact, the collective experience both of working with Club Soho, and discovering how our community was treated by their staff, has been dismaying. The venue offered no leeway in the choice of security or bar staff, and we agreed to these terms without knowing the degree to which we were being misled. This was not the vision for Lucent Delirium, nor for our community, and it is now clear to us how exceedingly important the control of such elements is for our future events.

Please know that we have listened to all the feedback we received, and have taken these concerns to heart. The Do LaB would not be able to create these amazing events, nor bring our community to celebrate together without all of you, and we will do our best to prevent these kinds of issues in the future.

We are grateful for all the support and patience you provide as we learn and evolve, and look forward to creating more magic with all of you!

The Do LaB


We have received requests for the contact information for Club Soho to direct messages with grievances regarding the venue and its staff. Soho management can be reached at

We’ve got a message for them too…

Do-Lab Fuck You Message





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