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Jun 12, 2008

Thank You from Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a Bottle 2008 photo by Curious Josh

A Thank You from Forever for LiB

It’s been two weeks since LIB and we can still hardly believe what we got to see and experience and learn under those oak trees. We keep hearing the echoes of beats. We keep seeing flashes of so many radiant smiling faces. We keep feeling the ground shake with the magnificent force of daring minds and dancing feet. We are forever grateful.

It is YOU who helped to make LIB08 a truly life-changing experience, and for this we offer our gratitude not just with words, but with images! Check out the faces on the LIB08 Thank You page, and add your own. ~ Pass it on…

The Lightning in a Bottle
Producers and Crew

Much Lightning in a Bottle Photos and Video to See

Visit the LiB website for a non-stop treat of visual snacks… It’ll make you cry for joy… and eager for next year!

Jun 1, 2007
Comments Off on Kate Stewart Jazz Music Review

Kate Stewart Jazz Music Review

Some information from a friend of the community, Jazz singer Kate Stewart.

Dear Friends & Associates:

I’m pleased to report that Jazz Review has just done a write-up on my CD, “They All Come Back”. I’ve copied and pasted it below, but if you would like to see the original, you can click here:

Thanks for all you support in the past – please know how much it is appreciated!



P.S. See my review in the Italian Magazine, Genovatune. And, as always, you can hear some music samples at MySpace

Featured Artist:

  • K8 Stewart Experience

CD Title:

  • They All Come Back


  • Jazz Vocals


  • Kate Stewart (Vocals)
  • Jamieson Trotter (Piano)
  • Sherman Ferguson (Drums)
  • Dan Lutz (Bass)
  • John Baxter (Guitar)

Review in magazine:

I honestly never thought that I would ever hear a CD (in this case an EP-CD) with both ???Autumn Leaves??? and Leonard Cohen???s ???I???m Your Man??? as tracks, but Kate Stewart proved me wrong.

New singers and their initial efforts are always a challenge to review. It???s like watching a young pitcher (I apologize in advance for the sports analogy) making their major league debut. You can determine whether the pitcher has the equipment (arm) to be able to succeed in the big leagues, but it’s hard to predict whether the pitcher will evolve into a real big league pitcher. But without the arm, it will not happen. (I already apologized for the sports analogy ??? right?)

Well based on this EP-CD, I can definitely conclude that Kate Stewart has the equipment (in this case voice) to become an excellent jazz singer. But natural ability alone does not guarantee that someone will evolve into being a singer ??? in another genre Linda Ronstadt comes to mind.

I would bet though based on this effort that Kate will evolve into a fine jazz vocalist. She has been a lifetime devotee of jazz and began singing in clubs out East when she was 16, so her style is more polished than on most maiden efforts. She definitely shows more than glimmers of the singer she might well end up being.

I tried, I mean really tried, to use another word, but alas for want of that other word her voice can best be described as sultry ??? which one would not expect based on the picture of the perky, svelte blonde beaming at us on the back of the CD.

Mostly she knows how to sing. I especially liked he straight ahead interpretation of Johnny Mercer???s ???Too Marvelous for Words.??? Her interpretation of the Leonard Cohen classic was also quite good. She has an excellent combo backing her, and the arrangements allowed their abilities to be demonstrated without taking away from Kate???s own efforts.

All in all Kate Stewart is definitely worth a listen ??? it will be interesting to see how her career and style evolves.

Tracks: How Long Has This Been Going On?, I’m Your Man, They All Come Back, Autumn Leaves, Too Marvelous for Words

Artist’s Website:

Reviewed by: Tom Schaefer

May 9, 2007

Worship THAT!? Never!

The occasionally overwhelming darkness of life can seem to be all encompassing. Depressing beyond belief. Beyond hope. I’m looking at life through those dark filters at the moment. Actually, for quite too long now… It’s not pretty… but I’ve seen uglier, and lived through worse.

They say that god works in mysterious ways…

But something has lifted my spirits, if even just a little bit. I’m here watching the end of a mediocre movie called “Devil’s Advocate”. It’s not all that great. In it, Al Pacino plays Satan in human form… an attorney, no less… And he is giving a belligerent, indignant speech about God, his nemesis. It is this speech that has given my spirits a boost and a grin for the day. A ray of hope and sunshine. Redemption can come in odd, unexpected ways. I’ll take it! I accept!

I hope you enjoy this transcript as much as I enjoy bringing it to your attention:

God? …..Is that it..?


Well, I’ll tell ya… let me give you a little inside information about “god”:

God likes to watch.
He’s a prankster.

Think about it :

He gives man instincts…
He gives you this extraordinary gift…

And then what does he do..? I swear, for his own amusement… his own private cosmic gag reel…

He sets the rules in opposition. It’s the goof of all time:

Look… but don’t touch…
Touch… but don’t taste…
Taste… but don’t swallow…

Ha ha ha!

And while you’re jumping from one foot to the next, what is he doing?

He’s laughing his sick f cking ass off..!

He’s a tight-ass..!
He’s a SADIST..!
He’s an absentee landlord..!

Worship *THAT* !?!…


Al Pacino as Satan in Devil’s Advocate

Even though Pacino is playing the devil… that particular description doesn’t sound so devilish at all… Sounds pretty logical to me! And I don’t have much use for those bankrupt, irrelevant concepts known as ‘god’ and ‘devil’….

Update: OK.. I finished watching the movie since I originally posted this message.

Twan’s quick capsule review:

“Piece of Shit!”

But that doesn’t diminish the quoted text above. That much is golden!




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