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Feb 26, 2014

Bill Hicks – Never Forgotten, Still Loud and Clear

Bill Hicks Died 20 Years Ago Today

Today is the anniversary of the passing of a great American wordsmith. On this day, February 26th, 20 years ago in 1994, the world lost the great Bill Hicks. Twenty years gone. But not forgotten, and his voice is stronger and louder than ever. Amazingly relevant despite being dead for two decades. Let me explain.

I accidentally discovered Bill back in 1993. I had gotten home really late after having been out partying with some friends. I had a slight buzz and was feeling good, so I got into bed at around 2:00am and I turned on the tv and began flipping through the channels.

Bill Hicks 20th anniversary of his deathThat’s when I noticed an HBO or Showtime comedy special, which was about to start. I figured a little bit of comedy as I drifted into sleep would be a nice way to end what had been a fun evening. I had no idea the magnitude of what was about to happen to me. What happened next has stayed with me throughout the entirety of my life.

Bill Hicks Changed My Life

What I was treated to, of course, was the now well-known Bill Hicks comedy special, called “Revelations”. Within 10 minutes, I was hooked on Bill Hicks! He had instantly become my new hero. The addiction has lasted throughout my life up to this point in time.

Ever since that night in 1993, I have made it one of my missions in life to continue to spread the Word of Bill, hence this missive. Bill was a truth teller of the highest magnitude. Scathing social commentary, delivered mercilessly. However Bill had a way of making his often ugly subject matter very funny. And insightful. And delivering it in a way that it made it stick with you so you could never forget. His words and observations had the power to get you looking at life a little bit differently.

Below, you will find a series of links to YouTube videos featuring Bill on a number of topics. Below that you will see a store that I have created where you can go to purchase Bill Hicks books, DVDs, CDs and merchandise.

We need more voices like Bill’s. Now more than ever! Long live the Word of Bill!

Please enjoy these clips:

Bill Hicks on the Origins Banality and Mediocrity

Bill Hicks on Advertising and Marketing

Bill’s Evil Ex-girlfriend Fantasy

Full versions of Bill Hicks Stand Up Shows here:

Sane Man

  • Sane Man is my all time favorite. Filmed in 1989 at the Laff Stop in Austin Texas. Bill was only 27 years old, and at the top of his game. And freshly sober, too. An amazing piece of work. Bill was an extraordinary guy.


  • Filmed in 1991 at the Dominion Theatre, London (where Bill was hugely popular)


  • Filmed in Montreal Canada, I believe in 1990 or ’91.

Purchase Bill Hicks DVDs, CDs, Books and T Shirts

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Aug 10, 2010

Slayer goes to Church. So Does Drum ‘n Bass

Slayer Mashup – Religious Zealots Jamming to Metal Music

Slayer vs. the lord – Who Says Religion and Rock and Roll Don’t Mix?

Heavy metal music and religious zealotry are not know for being passionate bedfellows. Until now!

Watch as exalted bible thumpers thump their heads to heavy metal music, featuring metal masters Slayer. Sure to make you smile and thank the lord! What’s that you say? It’s not possible? Watch this and reconsider your beliefs. So sayeth the lord.

Drum and Bass is a Religious Experience

Not to be out shined by the metalheads, Drums n Bass music seems to move the religious people just as much as it does DnB fans across the globe. Have a look:




Sam Ash Music


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