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Aug 12, 2010
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Lightning in a Bottle 2010 Videos

Lightning in a Bottle 2010

A fun little reminder of things of the recent past, and things yet to come… The Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival sets the bar high for what a festival should be. Every year it gets better. Amazing music, live art with silent bidding. Great, wholesome foods, and health and wellness in the form of yoga, meditation and exploration of the depths of spirituality if that’s your thing.

Don’t miss Lightning in a Bottle! Takes place over Memorial Day weekend every year. Check the LiB website for more info, lovely photos and video. Connect with this amazing community. Your life will be changed for the better.

Oct 3, 2008
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Burning Man Decompression in L.A. 6th Annual



Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression

L.A. Burning Man Decompression coming at you! The following is an abridged version, since all this info has been repeated on other lists. For FULL INFORMATION, artist and performance lineups, set times, and recent updates visit the Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression website.


Still Going Strong – 6th Annual L.A. Burning Man Decompression

Burning Man Decompression in L.A. is in a new location! Huge thanks to the Planning Team for pulling this off; we’re gathering at
the Los Angeles State Historical Park, AKA the Cornfield, this year. It’s still downtown, and the directions are below.

No more partying on the streets, now we have acres of beautiful lawn all with the amazing view of downtown we have always had. Be prepared to get your shoes dusty! The Cornfield is really a field, and the dust definitely kicks up while dancing.

One important note: The Decompression parking lot will be closing after the event, around midnight, so park mindfully, and make sure to read the parking notes if you are planning to attend an afterparty.

The location is at:
Los Angeles State Historical Park
1245 N. Spring Street, 9001
(See map below)

Time: The festivities will start at Noon and end at Midnight.
Cost: Admission to the event may be gained thusly:

$10 in costume or with a Metro Rail pass!
$20 in street clothes.
(Children under 12 are FREE!)

We are very grateful to the State Park Rangers for allowing us to use their wonderful location. When you see them around, tell them thanks. They have been truly great to work with.

Please check the L.A. Burning Man website for extensive details. You’ll be impressed, excited and filled with anticipation!

See you in the dust!

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May 30, 2008
Comments Off on Help Playa Surfers Camp Get to Burning Man

Help Playa Surfers Camp Get to Burning Man

Tiki Freaky – Burning Man Camp Fundraiser

Playa Surfers were on the Esplanade near 5:30 last year. In addition to a fun lounge and wicked tuneage, we provided wheeled surfboards (bike-towed versions and self-powered ones) for the masses in BRC to surf the playa with. Totally fun if we say so ourselves! This year we’re expanding our lounge, adding a lifeguard tower, and putting mo’ and betta’ powered surfboards on the playa for all to enjoy!

Please help us in pursuit of bringing our brand of happiness to you by participating in our fundraising party. Our last party was truly off the hook, so we’re at it again!

Tiki Freaky

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tiki Freaky - A Burning Man Camp Fundraiser

Themed costumes highly encouraged

Cash Tiki Bar : DJs : Visuals : Shadow Box : Art : Spanking Booth
Didgeridoo Chamber + More

  • 1040 Princeton Dr.
  • Venice, CA 90292
  • 9pm – 2am




Sam Ash Music


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